How To Change Your Twitter Handle

It’s like today’s version of changing your AIM screen name.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram videos? It's a little tricky.

On a social media platform as vast as Twitter, where a new thread of viral discourse spawns nearly every moment, tweeting can either feel like speaking with a megaphone to an audience of millions or shouting into a void. In order to stand out in the endless sea of tweets on your followers’ timelines, it’s important to put your best foot forward. And one of the best ways to do that is with a handle that best describes you.

Twitter handles can be as simple as your first and last name if you’re looking to keep things professional. Or, a handle like “@bigpantslittleshirt” can perfectly capture the Brand™ you’re trying to give off. But some handles aren’t exactly a right fit — and it’s not uncommon for users to outgrow their Twitter usernames, especially if they signed up as a teen.

Maybe you were originally part of stan Twitter and are ready to broaden your content lens, or your AIM screen name-esque handle is starting to feel a tad immature. Whatever your reasoning, having a Twitter handle identity crisis can often feel pretty urgent — especially if you’re trying to grow your audience or if you use social media professionally.

If you’ve found that it’s due time for a rebrand, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your Twitter handle.

How To Change Your Twitter Handle

To change your Twitter handle, head to your Settings and Privacy section on Twitter by clicking on the gear icon. Tap “Account Information,” input your password, and tap “Username.” Here, you can edit your existing handle or delete it entirely and type in a new one.

Usernames must be 15 characters or less, and you can only use letters, numbers, and underscores. So, unfortunately, now isn’t the time to add some text emoji flares like “:)” or “<3” to your handle.

If the username you’ve typed in is already taken, an alert in red text will let you know and you will need to edit the username until you find one that’s available. Even a slight variation, like adding a number or underscore, will often help if you want a similar username.

Once you’ve found a username that’s not taken, you’ll no longer see the alert and will be able to tap “Save.” Your new username will be immediately updated.

Now, think of a hot take or perfect meme to debut your new handle on the TL with a bang.