Co-Star Quietly Dropped A New Compatibility Feature

Love is in the stars.

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A couple looks over Eros, Co-Star's new astrological compatibility feature.
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You finally convinced your newest crush to divulge their zodiac sign, only to find that your Taurus-Scorpio relationship might be, uh, challenging. As any astrology enthusiast will tell you, sun sign-level astrological compatibility doesn’t always tell the whole story. Enter: Eros, Co-star’s first subscription-based service designed to offer pairs “new perspectives on how you operate and affect each other.”

Despite how much your inner Libra might want to go halfsies on the $6.99/month Eros subscription to suss out your first date, Eros is not meant to be a compatibility litmus test. Instead, it’s meant to be a tool for you and your significant other (or your platonic soulmate) to better understand the dynamics of your relationship based on your birth charts.

With composite horoscopes for you and your partner, reminders to support one another through different astrological periods, date ideas, love note prompts, and more, Eros can help you and your S/O get closer than ever.

Here is a full step-by-step on how to use Co-Star’s new Eros feature.

How To Use Co-Star’s Eros Feature

First thing’s first: make sure that your Co-Star app is up-to-date. The Eros feature was added to Co-Star through an update made available on the App Store in January, and is also now available on Android. Once you’ve updated the app, all you’ll need to do is open the app and scroll down a bit until you see a section titled “Eros.” The app offers a one-week free trial, so you can try it before being charged the monthly $6.99 fee.

Click to subscribe to the feature, and then select your partner from your friends list. Your partner will need to already have a Co-Star account and be friends with you in order to be your partner on Eros. (Unlike on apps like The Pattern, you won’t be able to manually input their birth info to generate a chart for them.) Eros is meant to be a shared subscription, so whether you subscribe or sign up for the free trial, you can invite your partner to access Eros. You can also choose to refrain from doing this — in case you’d prefer to coyly take credit for Eros’s date night ideas — or wait to invite them later through the button at the bottom of the Eros section.


From here, all you need to do is check back each day for a new perspective on your relationship, just as you would for your own Co-Star. Each day in the Eros section, you can find materials like a composite relationship horoscope for a given time period, a suggested action to take with your partner, the option to send one another love letters through Co-Star, multiple-choice date idea options, and more.

The feature focuses on highlighting how you and your partner can better support and understand one another based on your astrological placements — as well as what you might be going through based on current cosmic happenings. So, whether the end of Mercury retrograde has you in need of an R&R date night, or you’re trying to evade the drama of the Valentine’s Day full moon, trying out Eros can be a great gift to yourself and your partner.

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