Your Guide To Flourishing During The July New Moon

Let your inner lion out.

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Ready to channel your inner hot girl? The July 2022 new moon, which arrives on July 28 in ultra-confident Leo, is bolstering our self-esteem. It's all about reflecting, creating, and stepping into your personal power, so you'll want to follow these do’s and dont's.

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DO: Think Before You Speak

With Mercury, the planet of communication, in Leo, you may feel extra bold and vindicated in speaking your truth. Be considerate of your words, especially since the messenger planet squares Mars, the planet of aggression, a transit ripe with conflict.

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DON’T: Get Sucked Into Drama

Theatric Leo loves a good spectacle, but it's best not to get caught in the middle of a melodrama right now. A heavy square between messenger Mercury and impulsive Mars may cause dramatic clashes, so best to avoid inserting yourself into conflict.

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DO: Start A New Project

The new moon, which brings in fresh starts, is firing up our pleasure and creative sectors. This lunation is all about sparking our passions and having the courage to begin again, so it's a good time to focus on starting that new art project.

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DON’T: Forget To Uplift Others

Leo flourishes when they're center stage, but they can often lose sight of supporting others. Make sure to cheer your friends on right now. Share their art, encourage their dreams, and celebrate their milestones, big or small.

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DO: Make Room For Romance

Sultry Leo is ruled by the fifth house of pleasure, making the new moon a great time for a romantic rendezvous. The passionate fire sign is inspiring us to get creative when following our bliss. Try out date ideas, like visiting a new restaurant or museum.

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DON’T: Overinflate Your Ego

Confidence is Leo's hallmark, and the self-assured fire sign is here to bestow all of the bold energy to the collective. However, avoid being too prideful to take accountability when you're wrong or acknowledge the accomplishments of others, too.

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DO: Focus On Your Inner Growth

Leo energy is naturally focused on the self, but now that Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is retrograde in fire sign Aries, this time is all about growth. Prioritize personal development by journaling, reflecting, or embarking on a solo trip.

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