Here’s How To Take Advantage Of July’s New Moon

Follow the ebb and flow of your feelings.

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It’s July, which means the second half of 2024 has officially arrived — and it’s being ushered in by a sweet and sentimental new moon in Cancer. Rising on Friday, July 5, this is a meaningful moment for nurturing your hopes, dreams, and relationships. Knowing how to work with the energy can make it easier to take advantage of the cosmic opportunities offered to you, as this special summer lunation is especially heartfelt and tender.

This lunar reset brings the sun and moon together in Cancer, the cardinal water sign of the zodiac. Cancer season invites you to shift your focus away from what’s happening in the outside world and onto more introspective landscapes — such as what’s happening within your home or heart. Matters regarding your private life, familial relationships, or wistful memories could come to the forefront now, and it’s important to carve out some space to explore things freely. This is the perfect time to connect with the most meaningful elements of your life and cozy up to them. You can pull the people, goals, and even material things you love and desire deeper into your orbit now.

Cancer zodiac energy tends to be cuddly and sweet, but powerful planetary aspects are hitting the sun and moon during this lunation that give it an especially empowering flavor — so let this be a reminder to find the strength in your softness. Read on for all the do’s and don’ts of July’s new moon.

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DO: Let Your Feelings Ebb & Flow

Cancer is the sign ruled by the moon — and just as the moon’s face ebbs and flows in size and shape throughout the monthly lunar cycle, so might your moods under the sensitive influence of this Cancerian lunation. Channel the sign of the crab’s vibe by letting yourself be gently rocked back and forth in the waves of your emotions. Feelings come and go, so instead of dwelling on them or trying to change them, allow them to wash over you with the awareness that they’re only temporary visitors.

DON’T: View Vulnerability As A Weakness

Cancer may be a sensitive water sign with a reputation for being soft-hearted and sentimental. But don’t forget that it’s also one of the four cardinal signs — good at leadership, initiative, and new endeavors. Don’t mistake its tenderness for weakness! Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and fully honest about your feelings under this new moon will feel more empowering than anything else. Own your emotions, be true to who you are, and set boundaries as needed.

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DO: Connect With Family & Friends

Cancer is considered a particularly maternal and nurturing zodiac sign associated with home and family. That’s why this new moon is so well-suited for spending time with your closest crew — whether that includes your blood relatives or beloved longtime friends. If you’re gathering with people you care about for any Fourth of July celebrations, use that as an excuse to have some heartfelt conversations ahead of this meaningful lunation’s peak.

DON’T: Hide Away In Your Shell

New moons can be introspective periods, so sometimes you may not feel quite as social or extroverted as usual during this lunar phase. And while the sign of crab may sometimes bring about the urge to retreat into the safety of your shell, it’s important not to hide from your truth right now. If you need to start a dialogue with someone or acknowledge a deep inner feeling that’s trying to work its way to the surface, be brave and make your way toward the truth. It may be a dark moon, but your needs should be brought to light.

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DO: Embrace Nostalgia

Under this new moon’s energy, you might think a lot about the past and get lost in your memories. You need downtime, so find ways to nurture your inner child during this lunation — whether that looks like watching some favorite childhood movies or listening to some nostalgic albums from high school. Reflecting on your past and connecting with your younger self can feel especially healing now.

DON’T: Be Passive About What You Love

Alongside the new moon, warrior planet Mars and rule-making planet Saturn will be in a positive aspect to one other, bringing a major boost of stamina and motivation that can be channeled toward your goals. These two planets will also harmonize with the sun, moon, and love planet Venus — which gives a tough and no-nonsense edge to this otherwise gentle-feeling lunation. So while the new moon will be putting you in touch with your heart in a big way, it’s also pushing you to stand up for your emotional well-being and protect the things that are meaningful to you.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.