Your July Astrological Forecast

It’s time for cosmic hot girl summer.

Welcome to the second half of the year, star babes! The astrology of July 2024 brings two new retrogrades, the summer’s second full moon in Capricorn, and sign changes for all of the personal planets — so all zodiac signs can look forward to some fresh and exciting energy shifts as they approach the heart of the summer. You’ll want to take note of July’s major astrological events.

Cancer season is in full swing throughout the bulk of July, so emotions are flowing and hearts are extra tender. Astrologically, Independence Day weekend is less about fireworks and more about getting in touch with your feelings, as the sweet new moon in Cancer peaks on July 5. Both mental planet Mercury and love planet Venus shift into fiery Leo during the first third of the month, too, so prepare to welcome more confidence and boldness in communication and relationships.

The last week of Cancer season is full of cosmic action. Motivated planet Mars sparks up surprises when it aligns with unpredictable Uranus on July 16, and then it enters inquisitive Gemini on July 20. A glorious full moon in Capricorn rises the following day — the second of two back-to-full moons in this industrious earth sign — reminding you that hard work pays off.

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Leo season begins on July 22, and you can think of this solar shift as the official astrological harbinger of hot girl summer. Shine your light brightly and refuse to dim it for anyone. Leo vibes reign supreme, but everyone gets their first taste of Virgo’s perfectionistic and improvement-focused energy once Mercury moves into this earth’s sign’s territory on July 25.

All zodiac signs are going into the heart of summer with a boost of cosmic confidence, so read on for the details of July’s astrological forecast.

Neptune Retrograde Begins

The month begins with yet another outer planet joining the retrograde brigade. This time it’s the numinous and illusive planet Neptune, which begins moonwalking on July 2 until Dec. 7. Neptune retrogrades for about five months per year, and because this is the planet of dreams and spirituality, this backspin is a helpful time to look beyond the facade of your fantasies and connect with your intuition more directly. Thankfully, because Neptune orbits so far away from the sun, its effects are usually a bit more subtle than some other more chaotic retrogrades.

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Mercury Enters Leo

Two hours after Neptune stations retrograde, chatty planet Mercury enters fire sign Leo, where it’ll stay for the next few weeks. In confident and charismatic Leo, Mercury inspires you to speak your truth proudly, express yourself more creatively, and trust your thoughts wholeheartedly. It’s a great time for fun social engagement and feel-good conversations.

On July 16, Mercury in Leo will enter its pre-retrograde shadow period — a precursor to the Mercury retrograde that begins on August 1. Pay attention to the themes that come up in communication or logistics through the latter half of the month, as you may be reviewing them again during the retrograde.

A Magical New Moon In Cancer

The sun is swimming through the emotional waves of watery Cancer throughout the first three weeks of the month, and one of Cancer season’s major highlights is the sweet new moon that peaks on July 5. The new moon in Cancer finds the zodiac’s two luminaries coming together in the moon’s home base sign, heightening everyone’s sensitivity and deepening emotional awareness. This is a beautiful lunation for prioritizing self-care, building new emotional bonds with others, and allowing your heart to get a little more tender.

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Venus & Mars Making Moves Mid-Month

Romantic planet Venus follows in Mercury’s footsteps on July 11 and steps into the glamorous and gregarious realm of Leo for the remainder of the month. With the planet of love and beauty in fiery Leo, turn the volume up on your charisma and be a little more flamboyant about how you express your affection for others. Dote on your partners lovingly, embrace your generosity, and confidently approach dating and relationships.

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Passionate planet Mars also shifts signs mid-month, but not before it stirs up cosmic chaos. It’ll conjoin with wild-card planet Uranus in Taurus on July 15, injecting some unexpected twists and turns into everyone’s desires, behaviors, and impulses. These two planets only link up in the zodiac every other year, but it’ll be more than 75 years before they do so again in the sign of Taurus. On July 20, Mars officially enters Gemini, boosting everyone’s multi-tasking ability and giving conversations more oomph and productivity.

A Productive Full Buck Moon In Capricorn

On July 21 — the last day of Cancer season — July’s full moon rises in the pragmatic and ambitious earth sign Capricorn. Traditionally known as the Buck Moon, this lunar moment gives you an additional opportunity to connect with and take action on your professional plans, financial aspirations, and tangible goals in general. It’s a time to think practically and get productive.

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Big Leo Season Energy

It’s time to kiss any summertime sadness goodbye because, on July 22, the sun is trading in its post in feelings-filled Cancer for the fun-loving and flamboyant energy of Leo. Leo season finds the sun in its regal home sign throughout the heart of the summer, and it’s a fabulous time to step into your confidence, take pride in your accomplishments and talents, and be a little bit bolder in how you express yourself. Allow your inner superstar to step into the spotlight and let your light shine.

Mercury Comes Home To Virgo

Fleet-footed Mercury is making yet another move this month, as it enters its home-base sign of Virgo on July 25. This logistics-oriented planet thrives when it's in the sharp and analytical realm of this observant earth sign, so the last week of the month is great for getting more granular with your plans, expressing yourself with clarity and thoughtfulness, and tackling some organization projects.

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Keep in mind Mercury will station retrograde in Virgo during the first week of August, so use this detail-oriented energy to wrap up any loose ends on projects or lingering conversations before the backspin begins.

Chiron Joins The Retrograde Party

The month began with Neptune retrograde, and it’s wrapping up with yet another planetary backspin as wounded-healer Chiron stations retrograde on July 26. It will moonwalk through Dec. 29. Chiron is a minor planet that symbolizes people’s tender spots and their ability to heal, and its annual retrograde periods are helpful for tending to old wounds and processing any painful experiences that happened during the first half of the year. Don’t run from your sensitive spots over the coming months, as facing them will bring you a greater sense of empowerment and independence.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.