July’s New Moon Will Be Drama-Free For These 2 Zodiac Signs

Sit back and soak up the vibes.

July 5's new moon least affects these zodiac signs
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The first new moon of summer is peaking on the afternoon of July 5, and this tender-hearted lunation has the power to put everyone in their feels in the best way. This time around, the sun and moon are coming together in the protective and homey sign of Cancer, so get ready to cozy up to the things you love and connect to your goals meaningfully. July’s new moon will affect all zodiac signs differently, and for a lucky few, it’ll be smooth sailing all the way through.

Cancer is a water sign, so its energy is emotionally driven and introspective. Having the new moon here can certainly make people feel extra sensitive, and a little more like they’re at the mercy of their feelings. Cancer’s dewy-eyed sentimental streak can also bring a sense of wistful nostalgia, sweeping everyone up in bittersweet memories.

That said, the moon is in its zodiacal home when it’s in Cancer, so it’s a natural time to sink into your feelings and get lost in the emotional sauce. This lunation is free of unpleasantly complicated entanglements, so you can float freely through these sentimental seas. In fact, even astrology’s two tough “malefic planets” — headstrong Mars and serious Saturn — will harmonize with the new moon and form a supportive sextile aspect to one another. This motivating cosmic force can help all zodiac signs capitalize on this lunar new beginning and encourage them to tap into their gentler and more compassionate sides.

Some people will experience this lunation more intensely than others, but if you’re one of the following zodiac signs, then you should simply enjoy immersing yourself in the gentle and nurturing magic of this lunar moment.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

It’s not that you won’t feel this new moon, Virgo — in fact, it might actually be a particularly fun and exciting moment for you! Luckily, you aren’t likely to experience any major new moon dramas, as there are no planets in your sign right now to stir the cosmic pot (although that’ll change by the end of the month). This lunation brings the sun and moon together in your friendship sector, so you may find yourself catalyzing deeper emotional connections with the folks in your social group, or perhaps finding ways to show more care or create more safe spaces within your community. Let your heart lead you when it comes to working with other people or setting some visionary intentions.

Thanks to bold and brave Mars in your chart’s adventure sector high-fiving down-to-business Saturn, it can also be a good time to seek a sense of security outside your usual comfort zone. Slowly and steadily go with the flow, and see what washes on your shores.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Sagittarius can soften their heart during July's new moon.

July’s new moon is rising in your tangly and complicated eighth house — but that doesn’t mean it’ll be rocky! This part of the chart deals with subterranean issues you may be working through more subtly and subconsciously. More importantly, the moon in Cancer is comfortable being immersed in emotions, so this introspective vibe might actually set the stage for cathartic conversations with loved ones or some empowering realizations within your heart.

This lunation is the perfect time to give yourself a little more space to listen to your intuition and reflect on what’s motivating you to act on things right now. Pay attention to the invisible strings and energetic ties pulling you toward certain people or situations, as you’ll have an opportunity to either cut off what’s not working for you or strengthen what feels right.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.