These 2 Zodiac Signs Will Feel July’s New Moon In Their Hearts

Don’t lose sight of your ambitious goals.

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Everyone’s been casually surfing the waves of Cancer season since the summer solstice hit, but this water sign’s solar reign fully hits its stride on July 5, when the sun joins forces with the moon — AKA Cancer’s ruling planet. July’s new moon in Cancer inspires meaningful new beginnings, and its energy promotes a sense of care and compassion. All signs will be tapping into their tender side right now, but for a couple members of the zodiac, it might be a little more high-intensity.

This lunation peaks right smack in the middle of Cancer season — a time when your heart might feel a little softer, and thus you may be a little more protective over the things you love and care about. This new moon’s energy can help you get in touch with your intuition and find ways to bring more security, comfort, and emotional understanding into your life. And while you may be feeling especially sensitive, thanks to an invigorating connection between action-oriented Mars and down-to-business Saturn, this is also a powerful time to kick off new projects. Infuse your heartfelt sentimentality into your brightest ambitions.

Supported by Mars and Saturn, this lunation will grant everyone the motivation and sustained focus they need to make some serious moves toward their most out-there goals. But the two zodiac signs most affected by July’s new moon will have even more energy to work with.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

It’s the annual new moon in your sign, Cancer, so this is a powerful moment for manifestation and planting seeds for whatever you’d like to nurture over the next six months. You’re no stranger to submerging yourself in deep feelings or riding waves of intuition, so now’s the time to fully lean in. A bit of introspection could lead to exciting breakthroughs and bursts of inspiration, so give yourself a safe space to explore all of your goals, hopes, and wishes without worrying about what anyone else will think. You may be surprised at how clearly your desires emerge when you feel comfortable enough to come out of your Cancerian crab shell.

Romantic planet Venus is also in your sign during this lunation, and like the sun and moon, it’s being supported by a friendly aspects from Mars and Saturn. This not only brings you a glorious birthday glow-up, but it also puts you in touch with your values and allows you to infuse your heart into all of your new moon goals.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

As a whimsical and visionary Pisces, this new moon could be important for cultivating creativity and summoning a fresh new wave of inspiration in your life. July’s lunar reset is rising in your chart’s fun-loving and flirty fifth house, so you’re ready to pour your whole heart into your passion projects, hobbies, or other self-expressive endeavors. Everything feels romantic, and it’s easy to connect with joy right now. Your emotions are leading you to exciting places, so follow your heart.

You’re not just floating out at sea aimlessly looking for pleasure, though. No-nonsense planet Saturn in your sign is going to be positively connecting with both the moon and motivating Mars at the time of this lunation, giving you the stamina you need to generate all sorts of new ideas and connections and plant seeds for endeavors that are built to last.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.