Your Ultimate Guide To Jupiter’s Annual Retrograde

Focus on your growth.

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Ready to get deep? Expansive planet Jupiter goes retrograde on July 28. The jovial planet is backtracking in cutthroat Aries before spending time in psychic Pisces, placing focus on our philosophy and growth for the next four months. Keep up with these dos and don'ts.

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What Is Jupiter Retrograde?

Retrogrades tend to throw the area of life the planet governs out of whack (hi, Mercury). But because Jupiter rules luck and expansion, its backspin offers a time for reflection as we expand our minds and align with our spirituality.

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DO: Explore Different Belief Systems

This period is all about expanding ideas and feeding your soul. It's a great time to get lost in different traditions and cultures by watching philosophical documentaries, interviewing others, or by visiting a metaphysical shop.

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DON’T: Confine Yourself To Traditions

Jupiter is all about pushing boundaries and learning about different ideologies, so its backspin is shaking up our beliefs and asking us to question our old conventions. How has your philosophical system served you and how has it evolved?

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DO: Listen To Your Intuition

With Jupiter ending its backspin in its traditional ruler, Pisces, expect more of those intuitive hunches. While it's not recommended to act impulsively on them, listening to your gut feeling has the potential for huge revelations.

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DON’T: Make Impulsive Decisions

Gutsy Aries seldom errs on the side of caution, which is why it's best not to pull the trigger on major life decisions right now. Be sure to weigh your options and think critically before renovating your home or rushing into a relationship.

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DO: Focus On Spiritual Growth

Like its size, Jupiter is about bigger, better, and more. Specifically, the overindulgent planet is concerned about spiritual expansion. Create a meditation schedule, keep track of your dreams, and reflect on your growth through journaling.

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DON’T: Search For Meaning Externally

Jupiter's backspin is pushing us to deepen our understanding of ourselves. Since Aries is concerned with their identity, and Pisces is a sign related to the subconscious, it's asking us to abandon material comforts and look within for truth.

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DO: Connect To The Supernatural

You don't need a Ouija board to get in touch with the otherworld. Jupiter backpedals in Pisces later on during its retrograde, emphasizing mysticism. Dreamwork, astral projection, and magic rituals are all great ways to align with the divine.

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