Your Guide To Thriving This Leo Season

Bring the heat on.

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It's time to tuck away those family photo albums you've spent rummaging through during Cancer season. Leo season is here — and the lion is bringing the fun-loving heat this summer starting July 22. Follow these dos and don'ts to take full advantage of these confident vibes.

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DO: Get Creative

With Leo ruling all things artsy and pleasurable, expect the lion's season to inspire your inner artist. Pick up that canvas you have yet to finish or dip your toes in the world of poetry. This season is all about nurturing your creative side.

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DON’T: Be Over-Critical

It may be fun-loving Leo season, but Mercury, the planet of communication and mindset, enters perfectionist Virgo on Aug. 11. Avoid being too focused on the details and over-analyzing everything especially when it comes to your creative projects.

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DO: Focus On Personal Development

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, goes retrograde on July 28, shifting focus onto personal growth. Does introspection intimidate you? Since its backspin is in gutsy Aries, you'll be given the confidence to face tough revelations with bravery.

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DON’T: Get Stuck In Your Ways

Fixed sign Leo is loyal in all the best ways — but their unwavering faith can sometimes come across as mulish. With a full moon in fellow fixed sign Aquarius on Aug. 11, you'll want to be able to differentiate between strong will and stubbornness.

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DO: Leave Room For Romance

Venus, the planet of love, enters Leo on Aug. 11, meaning it's prime time for summer flings. The sensual fire sign is all about exploring erogenous zones, so this season is ripe for romance. Focus on love — and don't be afraid to make the first move!

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DON’T: Take Life Too Seriously

Carefree Leo seldom sweats the small stuff, and the feisty fire sign is pushing you to remain optimistic at work, at home, and in your relationships. This season is a loving reminder to trudge along even during setbacks and have fun in the process.

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DO: Connect With Your Inner Child

In astrology, Leo is ruled by the fifth house, which governs creativity, pleasure, and children. It's a great time to go back to your roots and find the fun in the simple pleasures like finger painting or revisiting a childhood hangout spot.

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