The 3 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 6s

These givers need someone to take care of.

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In numerology, numbers can give you a glimpse into the various energies that follow you. Calculating your life path number is a great way to understand yourself on an intimate level as well as learn what kind of chemistry you have — or don’t — with others. That’s because just like astrological synastry, you can use your life path number to decode relationship compatibility. If you calculate your life path number and learn you’re a 6, chances are you’re a hopeless romantic who cares deeply for others, so it’s important that you find a match who can align with your caregiving tendencies.

“Life path 6 persons can be divided into two major drivers: those who thrive in the arts, aesthetics, beauty, etc., and those driven by a need for service, giving and improving life for others,” numerologist Josh Siegel tells Bustle. “Life path 6 brings a desire for a relationship and family, along with the security of long-term commitments.”

Adding the numbers in your birthday will give you your life path number. If you happen to be a 6, you’re known for being warmhearted and family-oriented. Life path 6s are also peacekeepers, so keeping a balanced lifestyle and harmonious relationships — especially domestic ones — are extremely important to them. (Fran Fine vibes, anyone?)

Since they’re harbingers of justice, they tend to sacrifice themselves in the name of peace. Something they’ll need to reconcile in relationships, according to Siegel, is their need to help others at the expense of their own wellbeing. “[Life path 6s] are prone to ‘performing for love.’ For example, giving too much, taking on other people's issues and feeling the need to always do better, or being perfect,” explains Siegel. Their ideal partner is one who will appreciate and reciprocate the effort and care a life path 6 puts in the relationship.

Whether you’re a life path 6 or want to know their potential matches, knowing the best bonds for the sensitive caregivers is a great way to know how numerology compatibility works. Continue reading to find out the most compatible matches for a life path 6.

Match #1: Life Path 2

Those who are a life path 6 seek balance and harmony, so it makes sense that the most compatible match would be a peace-craving life path 2. Life path 2s run on the sensitive side, so a 6 would be patient and understanding to their influx of emotions. Not only are number 2s emotionally intuitive, but they’re also collaborative, totally aligned with the values of life path 6s.

“Life path 2s can be partnership-oriented and has the capacity to give back to the 6 Path. The 6 person feels safe and secure with the life path 2 as they feel they can count on them,” Siegel explains.

Match #2: Life Path 3

A life path 3 would be able to relate to a 6’s creative lifestyle and inspire the other in their artistic endeavors. Both life paths 3 and 6 are sentimental, so they’d be able to respect each other’s sensitivity. Life path 3s may lack a responsibility at times, but life path 6 can make up for that with their sense of duty.

“Life path 3 can connect to the 6 on the creative front, as both are similarly disposed to all things creative. The 3 also has emotional depth and expression, which is attractive to the love-oriented 6,” explains Siegel.

Match #3: Life Path 9

A humanitarian type like life path 9 would make life path 6s feel safe, honored, and needed in a relationship. Life path 9s possess a social awareness and empathy that 6s can appreciate, but they can also relate to the shared value of helping others and restoring equilibrium in the world.

“Those who are life path 9 have social empathy and would see the value in the more service-oriented a life path 6s larger ideals. They could bond on making the world a better place,” says Siegel.

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