Lotus Biscoff Spread Is Now Available In Supersized Tubs

The two new tubs carry 1.6kg and 8kg of the caramel spread.

Just when you thought it was all doom and gloom, a supersized tub of Lotus Biscoff spread becomes available online and suddenly everything feels a little bit sunnier. Catering company Pure Gusto is currently selling the sweet caramel spread in containers that are 1.6kg and 8kg and I am so ready.

The tubs cost £9.99 for the smaller or £40 for the larger of the two and can be ordered online. Pure Gusto suggests using it as a "delicious topping & filling for crepes, waffles, pancakes, cakes, puddings, ice cream, gelato, milkshakes & other desserts." I would like to add my own suggestion to that list: "directly into mouth with spoon."

This news comes on the heels an announcement from Lotus Biscoff about a new chocolate bar stuffed with their signature flavour and the launch and their stunning ice cream range last year. In other words, Lotus Biscoff are killing it – and their numbers reflect it. The company announced a 8.4% increase in first half of 2020 sales in their financial report. Although the Belgian company attributes the increase to widespread international expansion and a growing product range, it has to be said that during lockdown it became the ingredient of choice for those eager to impress with baked goods and puddings.

Countless Lotus Biscoff baking recipes were published online, including slow cooker Biscoff fudge and Biscoff lasagna. The ingredient is also popular with vegans, who've embraced the cruelty free product as a must-have ingredient for baking too. For example, this particularly spectacular Biscoff Battenberg recipe is totally vegan. All of the above considered, it's probably best that you put an order in for a jumbo container of the biscuity spread ASAP.