Here's Why 1/11 Will Be The Luckiest Day Of The Month

Here's how to make the most of the good vibes.

Why January 11, 2021 Will Be The Luckiest Day Of The Month
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Time to bust out your new 2021 calendar and put a star next to Monday, Jan. 11 — because according to both astrology and numerology, this is set to be one of the luckiest days of the month. January is always full of new beginnings, but Jan. 11 will be particularly charged with good fortune thanks to the powerful numerology of the date and some harmonious planetary alignments taking place simultaneously. The astrology of 2021 may feel hectic, but this cosmic bright spot will help us to kick off the year with confidence.

In numerology, the number one represents independence and belief in one's self, and it carries the energy of new beginnings. On Jan. 11, we'll get a triple dose of this energy, making it an ideal day for clarifying your New Year's intentions and charging up your sense of faith as you embark on new journeys. Additionally, the January 2021 new moon peaks the following night, which further amplifies the fresh-start energy of this already-lucky date.

Here's the scoop on why Jan. 11, 2021 will be a lucky day, according to both numerology and astrology — and how you can make the most of January's high point of good vibes.

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The Numerology Of 1/11

"The number one [in numerology] resonates with the frequency of new beginnings and doors opening," intuitive lifestylist and quantum healer Laura Brown tells Bustle. "Jan. 11 has a very high frequency that amplifies even the tiniest of steps we take, making them stronger and go farther." In other words, the numerology of this date reminds us of the singular power that lies within ourselves.

"When you combine numbers, you amplify the frequency of the number, and this case Jan. 11 amplifies the manifestation qualities of the number one," Brown says. "It encourages us to strive forward with a positive attitude and to make a decision around what we are manifesting." Numerologically, this is an ideal time to clarify your personal intentions and make concrete plans toward your goals. The amplified energy of the number one asks us to trust ourselves, follow our own hearts, and carve out a new path for what we want.

The Astrology Of 1/11

The astro-weather on Jan. 11 reflects the lucky energy of new beginnings, too. The moon (which enters industrious Capricorn in the morning) will be at the tail of its current lunar cycle, as the first new moon of 2021 peaks the next evening. Additionally, this nearly-new moon makes a series of positive connections with other planets through the day — including energizing and excitement-filled trines with both Mars and Uranus, making us feel bold and inject an element of surprise into our day. This means if you take a risk and try something new, luck should be on your side.

Later on, a romantic alignment between the moon and planet of love Venus puts our mind on relationships. This energy bodes well for open-hearted conversations about commitment or for fostering some sensual connection, so take advantage of it if your love life needs a boost.

Lastly, communication-oriented Mercury aligns with lucky planet Jupiter in the morning, helping us to think big when it comes to our dreams and aspirations. Now's a great time to put your manifestations into words and examine your life from a broader scale. Simultaneously, both Mercury and Jupiter will harmonize with Chiron, a dwarf planet known as the "wounded healer," which can help us to work through past hurts and clean our emotional slate as we embark on a new year.

How To Work With The Energy Of 1/11

If you want to take advantage of this date's numerological and astrological luck, think of it as a clean slate for all the turmoil that you may have been feeling and do a new beginnings ritual or a path-clearing spell to make space for fresh energy in your life. Because this date falls so close to the start of the new year, we can use its energy to galvanize our New Year's goals and strengthen our sense of belief in ourselves.