Here's Why October 10 Will Be The Luckiest Day Of The Month

We're working with the power of 10.

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Astrologically speaking, October is an extremely hectic month full of struggles, tension, and difficult planetary aspects. We've got two October 2020 full moons bookending the month with lunar intensity, a Mercury retrograde period that kicks off mid-month, and a serious square-off between some of the major planets that's stirring up frustration. But there are always moments of magic sprinkled in with the madness, so mark your calendars for October 10 — as this date will be one of the luckiest days of the month, thanks to the powerful numerology of the date and some fortunate planetary alignments that'll offer us a bit of much-needed excitement, adventure, and joy.

In numerology, the number 10 represents strength and potential, and brings us an energetic opportunity to clear our karma and pave the way for a limitless fresh start. We're feeling a double-dose of this vibe on Oct. 10, making it a great time to start embracing freedom in all aspects of our life. Additionally, a liberating once-a-year Venus/Uranus trine aspect in the skies will blast us with an added dose of cosmic excitement on the same date. Here's the inside scoop on on why October 10, 2020 will be a lucky day, according to both numerology and astrology — and how you can capitalize on one of the brightest days in an otherwise chaotic month.

The Numerology Of 10/10

As the first of the double-digit numbers (and thus, the first number in a brand new cycle), the number 10 carries the energy of freedom and independence. The cardinal numbers in numerology, which are comprised of single-digit numbers, are the most commonly worked with in this practice, and 10 can be broken down into two of them: one and zero. "[I]n many religions and spiritual paths, the number 10 is seen as the perfect number," ascension guide and quantum shaman Laura Brown tells Bustle. "It holds the vibration of one, which is all about new beginnings, and that of zero, which is the infinite open space where miracles can literally generate out of thin air." Combined, this energy is supercharged with potential, so long as we trust ourselves to know what we need to do.

"The symbolism of the number ten on its own is one of mastery, completion, and opening up to infinite possibilities," Brown says. "When we work with this vibration, we essentially open our arms to all the juicy, wonderful, and divine goodies that we’ve long wanted." This energy is about trusting your growth, and having confidence in your ability to take risks and seize opportunities. By applying the wisdom you've gained through your recent journey, you can make magic happen — but that also means having the strength to know what to let go of when it's no longer serving you.

Given that October 10 is the tenth day of the tenth month of the year, it's double-charged with this energy, making it an extra potent day for clearing your path and creating a new trajectory for yourself. "When you combine 10/10, what you have is double the luck and double the miracles — [and] the way in which these miracles enter our lives reminds us that we are not going through this journey alone," Brown says. "When we see things align so perfectly to provide us exactly what we need or have wanted for ages, its impossible to see it as mere coincidence." Trust your potential — you're capable of all sorts of magic.

The Astrology Of 10/10


The astrology of autumn 2020 may be chaotic, but 10/10 brings one of the most exciting and electrifying cosmic moments of the year, which is a lucky trine aspect between Venus (planet of love, money, and pleasure) and Uranus (planet of freedom, sudden change, and innovation). When Venus and Uranus harmonize, it feels like a breath of fresh air and excitement in our love lives, social lives, and financial lives alike. Expect for your day to be lit up with sudden opportunities and to become hyperaware of your need for freedom. This planetary meetup only happens once per year, so take advantage of the auspicious (and unexpected) twists and turns being thrown your way.

This positive planetary connection can be even luckier and long-lasting if we keep the numerology of 10/10 in mind. The Venus/Uranus trine provides a lightning bolt of excitement, inspiration, and opportunity in love and money — it reminds us of the joys in freedom and boosts our desire for independence. But this electrifying thrill can be short-lived, if we don't actively make it work for us. Remember that 10/10 energy is about unlimited potential, but also the wisdom to know what to let go of. If a fortunate opportunity hits, then take the time to see what you can change in your life to make more space for it to grow, instead of simply overdosing on good vibes for a one-day special.

We'll want to keep in mind that 10/10 falls in the middle of a cardinal T-square aspect (which is a frustrating and rare position for planets) involving the sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and this planetary head-butt brings a whole lot of tension. However, Uranus' sudden boost of luck in Venus' realm of love, pleasure, and money will loosen up some of the stagnant energy, at least for the day — so we should align ourselves with the numerology of 10/10 to help us seize the cosmic opportunities as they're made available to us.

How To Take Advantage Of The 10/10 Energy

This is the only opportunity in 2020 to take advantage of such a lucky and exciting alignment between romantic Venus and wild Uranus and the blast of 10/10 energy — so make the most of this cosmic high while it lasts. Remember, in numerology, one is about independence, confidence, and the start of a new journey, while zero represents all the potential that's waiting to be built — and on 10/10, we'll be inspired to take initiative and clear away what's not working to make space for a new path, full of unpredictable opportunities.

Here are a few cosmic tips to help you take advantage of the energy on October 10:

  • Do a 10-minute meditation (try this guided 10-minute power meditation video if you'd rather not simply sit in quiet), then set an alarm for 10 minutes afterward and free-write in your journal about your goals, current life lessons, or anything else that comes to mind.
  • Have a positive realization, breakthrough, or change in circumstance around love or money? Celebrating good luck is great, but be sure to also take the time to plan steps you can take to ensure the twist of fate has room to grow instead of simply being a fleeting moment of fun.
  • Make a reverse manifestation list — so instead of writing down what you're manifesting, write down what you're letting go of. List the habits you'd like to break, the people you'd like to forgive, and the energies you'd like to release in order to make space for new and positive endeavors in your life.