Here's How To Harness The May Full Moon's Divine Feminine Energy

It's a good time to do some reflective journaling.

Here's what you need to know about the spiritual meaning of the May 2023 new moon.
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Mercury Retrograde finally ended on May 14, which means you’ve made it through the chaotic period (relatively) unscathed. The May new moon arrives on May 19 at 11:53 a.m. ET with tons of opportunities in tow, so you can officially leave all the negativity behind for good. This lunar event is all about fresh starts, after all — but to effectively harness its energy, you’ll need to be tuned into the spiritual meaning of the May 2023 new moon so you can kick off your next chapter the right way.

Because new moons mark the first phase of the monthly moon cycle, they’re known for bringing abundance in the form of new beginnings. Thanks to the conjunction that occurs between the moon and the sun during this time, you’re able to plant seeds for your future, set personal intentions, and connect with your intuition. Not only that, but the May new moon is also rising in the practical and grounded sign of Taurus, so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly flooded with stability in your work, relationships, and more.

Ahead, astrologer Brilla Samay shares what you need to know about the significance of the May new moon so you can use its energy to your benefit.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The May New Moon?

Samay describes the May 2023 new moon as embodying the “essence of the divine feminine energy.” If you didn’t know, the divine feminine is thought to be a part of our consciousness where we access qualities such as intuition and receptivity. New moons are typically tied to intuition to begin with, but what separates this lunar event from the rest is that it holds a “profound spiritual significance in terms of ancestral connection,” says Samay.

“[The May new moon] serves as a conduit between the past, present, and future, providing a sacred space to honor our ancestors and receive guidance from their wisdom,” the astrologer explains. “It also invites us to deepen our connection with the earth and assume the role of stewards of the planet.”

How To Work With The May New Moon’s Energy

Introspection and making plans for the future are essential during any new moon, but if you want to take your bond with la luna even further, Samay recommends these practices. First off: Try doing some reflective journaling while basking in the moonlight outdoors. “Sit comfortably and reflect on your emotions, experiences, and inner thoughts,” says Samay. “Write down any insights, lessons, or revelations that arise. Let the moon's energy guide your introspection and bring clarity to your reflections.”

You can also channel your creative expression by making some artwork inspired by the moon phases. To do so, Samay suggests setting up an art space underneath the moon and using the medium of your choice, whether it’s canvases, paints, or pastels. “Let your intuition guide your creative process, allowing your artwork to serve as a visual reminder of the energy you wish to manifest and embody,” says Samay.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a sound bath, especially if you’re in need of a treat yourself moment this lunation. Once you’re feeling relaxed, Samay suggests playing the instruments in a “rhythm that resonates with your intuition, allowing the vibrations and sounds to wash over you, clearing any energetic blockages and promoting balance and relaxation.” You’ll need the space for a fresh start, after all.


Brilla Samay, astrologer, mentor, and spiritual advisor