Your May 2023 Astrological Forecast

Big changes are blossoming.

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All of the astrological events happening in May 2023.

April’s cosmic forecast was packed with heavy showers — specifically in the form of the year’s first eclipse and the start of a pesky Mercury retrograde that brought our three-month-long retrograde-free streak to an end. Thankfully, these astrological shake-ups set the scene for a whole garden’s worth of gorgeous May flowers. Because while the astrology of May 2023 isn’t all springtime sunshine, it will serve up some significant planetary shifts that promise big changes for all zodiac signs.

The first few weeks of May make up the bulk of Taurus season 2023, which should inspire you to connect with your body and work steadily toward tangible goals. It might be hard to stay grounded under the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5, though, as this full moon delivers equal parts chaos and closure. Be ready! Mercury is retrograde until May 14, too — so it’s a good idea to channel some Taurus season energy by moving more slowly and methodically throughout the first half of the month.

We entered May with some serious eclipse- and retrograde-related messiness on our cosmic plate, but there are lots of new beginnings happening, too. Romantic Venus, energizing Mars, and lucky Jupiter are all switching signs this month — so there’s lots of new energy to work with when it comes to your love life, personal goals, and more. The new moon on May 19 is a great time to resume your favorite manifestation practices post-eclipse season. And once Gemini season begins on May 21, all zodiac signs will feel more outgoing, energized, and ready to connect with people. All of this will be doubly refreshing after getting Mercury retrograde and eclipse season out of the way.

Big things are blossoming in the stars this month! Read on for your full May 2023 astrological forecast.

Kicking Off The Month With Pluto Retrograde

It’s starting to look a lot like retrograde season! Pluto is leading the outer planets’ retrograde brigade this year, as it begins its annual backspin on May 1. Pluto is the planet of power struggles and profound under-the-surface shifts, so Pluto retrograde 2023 is a time to review some of the long-term transformations currently taking place within our lives and the collective. But don’t stress: Thanks to Pluto’s far distance from the sun, its transits feel more subtle, so there won’t be any Mercury retrograde-esque antics throwing wrenches in your day-to-day groove.

The Lunar Eclipse On May 5 Brings Closure

In case you weren’t already feeling the chaos, there’s a full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse rising on May 5 to remind us that we are indeed still in the thick of eclipse season, and powerful changes are afoot. This lunation blooms in the dark and mysterious waters of Scorpio, bringing buried feelings or surprising secrets bubbling to the surface. And because the moon will be opposing shock-artist planet Uranus, expect things to unfold in a rather unexpected fashion. This will be the last eclipse to hit the sign of Scorpio for nearly a decade, so it marks a time of deep emotional closure for all zodiac signs. Don’t be afraid to let go of what’s no longer serving you.

Venus Enters Cancer On May 7

After an intense lunar eclipse, we could use a cosmic dose of gentleness — and that’s exactly what love planet Venus delivers on May 7, when it enters the compassionate water sign Cancer. When Venus is in Cancer, it’s likely to feel extra sensitive in relationships and sentimental about romance, perhaps even daydreaming of a long-lost lover. You might crave heart-to-heart convos, extended cuddle sessions, and that warm, fuzzy feeling of domestic bliss. This is a great excuse to show your friends and lovers how much you care for them by cooking a yummy meal or planning a cozy at-home date night.

Goodbye (For Now) To Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is raging through the first half of May — and the month kicks off with a special conjunction between Mercury and the sun (known as a Mercury cazimi) on May 1. This alignment serves as a mental bright spot in an otherwise confusion-riddled retrograde, so take advantage of this fleeting moment of lucidity and use it to get your bearings.

Then on May 14, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Mercury retrograde is over, babes. Once this logistics-loving planet starts moving direct again, we’ll find that everything from our to-do lists to our communication will flow with much more ease. With Mercury trekking through hardworking Taurus throughout the rest of the month, it’s a great time to power through unfinished work tasks or have grounded conversations to mend retrograde misunderstandings.

Jupiter Enters Taurus on May 16

One of the most momentous transits of 2023 takes place on May 16, when lucky planet Jupiter enters Taurus for the first time since 2012. With Jupiter in this sensual and luxury-loving earth sign for the whole year ahead, we can look forward to an influx of rich artistic inspiration, plenty of maximalist aesthetics, and more opportunities to generate abundance and pleasure. Get ready for a cosmic blast of magic in the Taurus-ruled areas of your birth chart and start manifesting your material desires.

A New Moon For Manifesting On May 19

Speaking of manifesting, the new moon on May 19 marks the end of eclipse season — making it the perfect time to focus on grounded intentions around pleasure, money, and love. This lunation finds the sun and moon joining forces in Taurus zodiac territory, granting us all the energy and idealism we need to really put our magic in motion. Now that Mercury is freshly out of retrograde, eclipse season is behind us, and Jupiter has just begun blessing a brand new part of our charts, it’s a glorious moment to set some springtime goals.

Getting Fired Up With Mars In Leo

On May 19, the feisty planet Mars is bringing all zodiac signs a major energy blast and mojo boost as it enters the grandiose lair of Leo. Mars has spent the past two months treading water in sensitive Cancer — a sign where the red planet struggles to be its usual assertive self—so this fiery transition will feel especially galvanizing for our goals and passions.

But look out, because as Mars enters Leo, it’ll be locked in a tense T-square aspect with obsessive Pluto and go-big-or-go-home Jupiter, which kicks off the transit with loads of intensity. Tempers could flare and our competitiveness could shoot up to record highs, so keep your ego in check and avoid engaging in petty power struggles. Remember, you don’t need to put on a show in order to prove yourself.

Jumping Into Gemini Season On May 21

Just two days after the new moon peaks, we’ve got another cosmic new beginning on our hands — Gemini season 2023 kicks off on May 21. Once the sun enters the flirty and flighty sign of Gemini, our inner social butterflies are officially emerging out of their cocoons, and we’ll be eager to connect with the world around us. This mutable air sign is known for its chatty and quick-thinking nature, so the coming month is a good time to schedule some springtime socializing. Take advantage of Mercury retrograde being over and put some fun Gemini season plans on your calendar.

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