The Moon Phase Test Reveals If You & Your Partner Are Actually Compatible

It’s taking over TikTok right now.

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Astrologers weigh in on TikTok's moon phase trend.
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The moon phase trend on TikTok has become the compatibility test of 2023. Instead of comparing your zodiac signs to see if you align astrologically, you compare the moon phase you were born under to see if it fits with your partner’s moon phase, like pieces of a puzzle. If the two come together to form a full moon, that’s a good thing. If they don’t, you might not be each other’s so-called “missing piece.”

To try the moon phase trend — which has racked up over 635 million views — you simply enter your birthday to see which kind of moon you were born under (waxing, waning, full, etc.) and then do the same for your partner, friend, family member, or whoever else you’d like to test. (Some people enter their dog or cat’s birthday, FWIW.) The result is either a cute TikTok where the moon phases blend together perfectly or a bummer of a video where the moon is left with a giant piece missing or a hole in the middle. It’s such a strong visual that it’s tough not to get sucked into the trend, but astrologers aren’t sure if it actually reveals anything meaningful. Here’s what they have to say.

Do Moon Phases Show Compatibility?

According to Rebecca Gordon, a professional astrologer based in New York City, your moon phase is determined by the unique position of the moon in relationship to the sun at the time of your birth. It could either be a new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, last quarter, or waning crescent. Each one is a different size and shape.

Much like other goings-on in the sky, it can reveal a lot about you. “Your moon phase tells me everything about how you approach life and the role you play within a group,” Gordon tells Bustle. “So if you are born on a new moon, you are here on the planet to initiate new things, and your emotions — represented by the moon — are always in alignment with your life force, the sun.”

That’s because, in astrology, the sun and the moon act as one unit. “If you are born on a full moon, the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth, so your life will be marked with the intensity of full moon magnetism,” Gordon explains.

That means you might attract relationships that expedite your evolution as a person. “When you know your moon phase, you have access to your ideal strategies in life and ideal roles,” she says. And that could play into how you choose as a partner and whether or not you mesh.

That said, if your moon phase doesn’t piece together perfectly with your partner’s to create a full moon, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail as a couple. (Or that you and your dog aren’t going to get along.)

“Compatibility is complex, and in my experience, moon phases don't have too much significance when I am looking at compatibility,” says astrologer Babs Cheung. “It's not really a thing I've heard of. When testing the app used in TikTok, all my inputs were ‘soulmates.’” In other words, take this trend with a grain of salt.

What Do Moon Phases Mean?

If you want to look to moon phases for insights — as you might with zodiac signs — think of your moon phase (or your partner, friend, or family member’s) as your motivation or path in life. If you’d like, apply it to your relationship or what you look for in a partner to see if it reveals anything interesting. Here, Gordon shares what all the phases of the moon mean.

  • A new moon person is an initiator.
  • A waxing crescent moon person is here to show the world their uniqueness.
  • A first-quarter moon phase person has a managerial eye and is adept with organization.
  • A waxing gibbous moon person will be goal-oriented and with a sense of trust in outcome.
  • A full moon person will have a flair of intensity and their life will be marked with powerful relationships.
  • A waning gibbous moon person will have the desire to share their wisdom with the world.
  • A last-quarter moon person is a bit of a rebel and is here to challenge the status quo.
  • A waning crescent moon person cares about what will happen on the planet after we are no longer here and is interested in improving the future of humanity.

How To Do The Moon Phase Trend On TikTok

To give the TikTok trend a try, go to a website that shows pictures of the phases of the moon. Enter your birthday to get your moon phase, take a screenshot of your moon, then do the same for your partner, friend, cat, etc.

Head back to TikTok and use the CapCut feature to blend the two images of your moons together under the trending sound. As your moons overlap, you’ll be able to see if they create a full moon.


Rebecca Gordon, astrologer

Babs Cheung, astrologer

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