The 3 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs, According To An Astrologer

They feel envious more often than most.

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The 3 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs, According To An Astrologer
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It’s no secret that being labeled as a jealous person isn’t exactly a compliment, but it’s also a totally normal feeling. In fact, it’s a bigger part of life for some more than others. That’s because there are three zodiac signs who tend to suffer from jealousy the most, so if you find yourself envying the people around you every now and again, you could be one of these signs.

Let’s face it: we all have our jealous moments sometimes, regardless of our sun sign. After all, it’s hard not to feel a little bitter when your co-worker gets a promotion over you or your bestie’s partner pops the question before yours does. And when the person in front of you at Chipotle gets the last side of guac for the day, your jealousy is totally valid. While it’s a natural part of life for all of us, for these three zodiac signs, it’s almost inescapable. Astrologer Brandyn Lee (aka @brandynlee1 on TikTok) shares which members of the zodiac are most plagued by jealousy, though it’s important to keep in mind that we’ve all fallen victim to the complex emotion before, and therefore we’re not all that different in the end.

Here are the three signs that are most likely to get jealous, according to the astrologer.


Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

Despite their tough and mysterious exteriors, Scorpios “feel a lot more than they lead on,” says Lee. “Being ruled by the planet Mars only makes that feeling [of jealousy] even more intense since they are extremely passionate. Usually, when a Scorpio becomes jealous, it’s due to them having been betrayed before and that’s a big fear for them, and Scorps will go to extreme lengths to not let that feeling of betrayal happen again.”

The astrologer also warns that the water sign’s intuition makes it easy for them to “pick up on subtle changes in a person’s behavior,” which will give them cause for concern until they get to the bottom of it.


Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taureans have a tendency to be possessive – it’s not one of their best qualities, but it’s the truth. Their possessions provide the earth sign with “comfort and stability, which are high values a Taurus wants in life,” says Lee, and as soon as something threatens those values, the little green monster inside them comes out to play.

The sign’s jealousy doesn't stop there, though, because emotional stability is a must-have for Taureans, too. “They really do not play lightly when it comes to giving their heart away. so if they start to feel neglected in an emotional aspect, they become jealous,” says Lee. “If they feel a dynamic has shifted in their relationships, that may encroach upon their sense of security thus causing a jealous nature.”


Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

Lee shares that while Leos don’t always give off the vibe that they’re the jealous type, the fire sign definitely has some innate jealousy issues that are worth keeping an eye on.

“A Leo loves attention and admiration. They’re the center of attention without even having to try really, and if that spotlight starts to fade or someone else starts receiving more attention, you can expect a Leo to become the jealous type,” the astrologer explains. “Being the confident sign they are and having pride and an ego to match, Leos can be pretty insecure and vulnerable. When that happens, jealousy is almost a defense mechanism to help protect their self-esteem so they don’t feel as inadequate.”


Brandyn Lee, astrologer and TikTok creator

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