6 Dos & Don'ts During October's New Moon

Some moody planets are stirring up drama.

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There is nothing chill about the astrology of 2020. In the continuing theme of cosmic chaos, we've got a lot on our lunar plate this month, too. Wedged between the intense double October full moons that begin and end the month is the October 2020 new moon, which rises on Friday, October 16 in the sign of Libra. While this buoyant lunation sounds like a breath of fresh air within an otherwise harsh astrological week, there will be some moody planets and retrogrades stirring up drama. Following some simple do's and don'ts of the October 2020 new moon is definitely a solid plan.

New moons generally correspond with the energy of a fresh start, and having this one in partnerships-oriented air sign Libra presents us with an opportunity to begin new journeys within our closest romantic or work relationships, as well as within legal issues or matters of justice. However, we'll have to overcome some cosmic obstacles in order to get our plans off the ground. The new moon will be hit with some frustrating planetary aspects from Mars retrograde, Saturn, and Pluto — all of which are squaring off with the moon and sun during the course of this lunation and putting a bit of a damper on this otherwise-airy vibe. With these planets squaring off with one another, we can expect disagreements, roadblocks, hot tempers, and even crisis moments taking place all through the new moon weekend.

On top of it all, Mercury retrograde fall 2020 begins a few days before the new moon rises, so we'll also be feeling the mental mix-ups, timing troubles, and communication clashes this transit is infamous for. In short, there's a lot going on — so here's the scoop on everything you should and shouldn't do during the October 2020 new moon.

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DO: Be Clear & Calm In Communication

Between a fresh Mercury retrograde period and the rage-y energy of Mars' opposition aspect to the new moon, it's going to be ultra important to stay cool, calm, collected, and clear in the way you communicate. This new moon offers us a chance to start anew within our closest partnerships, but we'll need to steer clear of miscommunications or emotional arguments. Choose your words thoughtfully, and if you feel yourself getting argumentative or angry, hit pause on the conversation before moving forward.

DON'T: Take Anything To The Extreme

Pluto, the planet that represents power dynamics and transformations, is squaring off with the moon, sun, and aggressive planet Mars during this lunation — which can easily push our emotional states and anger-meters to the extreme ends of the spectrum. Check yourself when it comes to anything in your life that's reaching the point of being overly-polarizing, whether it's your mood, your opinions, or your actions.

DO: Embrace Fairness Over Fighting

Some of the new moon aspects could activate our aggressive and argumentative sides, making us power-hungry, competitive, and defensive. Instead of letting your fears and power trips get the best of you, be objective and think about what's fair instead of what you feel. Our emotions are simmering beneath the surface right now, so while it's good to acknowledge on them, it's not always necessary to act on them.

DON'T: Give Up If The Going Gets Tough

There are a lot of challenging planetary aspects that are throwing roadblocks at us during this new moon — but it's a new moon nonetheless, and it's still a great time to manifest healthier relationship dynamics, justice and fairness within legal matters, and more balance in your life. If we are determined and crystal-clear about our new moon goals, we can overcome adversity and start building more harmony into our lives and partnerships.

DO: Add A Spoonful Of Sugar To Help The Medicine Go Down

The cosmic drama is frustrating, but it's here to help teach us lessons — especially when it comes to responsibility-focused planet Saturn, which is squaring off with this lunation. If we'd like to counterbalance some of the harsh, aggressive, and restrictive energy, the best thing we can do is embrace Libra season's charm and diplomacy. Being polite and kind can go a long way in making this new moon weekend more tolerable, so align with the energy of the sun and moon and take a page out of Libra's book.

DON'T: Forget To Prioritize Justice

The energy of this lunation will pull our attention inward, onto our personal issues, intuition, and feelings. However, because the sun and moon are aligning in Libra (which is the sign that rules partnerships and justice), we're naturally focused on external matters — and we need to keep our eye on the prize when it comes to manifesting justice and building a more balanced and harmonious future. Given that we're on the brink of election day 2020, one easy new moon in Libra ritual is to vote or solidify your voting day plan.

Are you ready for Election Day? Start by registering to vote and making a plan for Nov. 3.