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34 Olympic Athletes You'll Love Following On TikTok

The best behind-the-scenes action is on your For You page.

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Screenshots of Olympic Athletes Shaun White and Chloe Kim on TikTok. Here are Olympic Athletes to fo...
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The torch has been lit and the games are underway. It’s finally time to tune in to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China, which run from Feb. 4 to 20. Athletes from across the world have arrived at the Olympic Village to compete across a record 109 events — from classics like figure skating to all-new events like the monobob. (That’s single-person bobsledding, not the name for Claire’s haircut in that one episode of Fleabag.) However, many are keeping a close eye on the de facto event that has become a fan favorite since the 2021 Summer Olympics: Athlete TikTok content.

Tokyo 2021 Olympic TikTok gave fans unprecedented insight into the games within the games. After the public discovered those infamous “anti-sex” cardboard beds, dedicated TikTok investigating posted by Olympian Ilona Maher proved how the beds hold up under clap push-ups, CPR, crying fits, and temper tantrums. TikTok shenanigans also revealed that though the beds in the Olympic village may not be so effective at preventing horizontal fun times, they are pretty comfortable, eco-friendly, and totally recyclable.

While the thousands of athletes in the Olympic village in Beijing might have some strict schedules, it’s clear that many of them have surrendered their screen time to the clock app. With athletes unveiling Team USA’s custom kits, posting reviews of the Olympic Village cafeteria, and plenty of content specific to their sport, there’s loads of gold medal-worthy content already out there under hashtags like #2022Olympics.

For diehard fans and casual viewers alike, here are 36 Olympic athlete TikTok accounts to discover Olympians displaying their skills, post-medal joy, and — of course — their spontaneous dance breaks in the Olympic village.


Snowboarder Meghan Tierney

Unboxing videos get an upgrade when you’re receiving gear for your second Winter Olympics. Team USA snowboarder Meghan Tierney is back at the Village with plenty of red, white, and blue fit checks, POV snowboarding course run-throughs, and 2018 Olympic flashbacks.


Snowboarder Tessa Maud

Newcomer Tessa Maud might be going for gold on this year’s Olympic TikTok — getting her reps in with daily coverage of warm-ups, Olympic Village cafeteria reviews, OOTDs, POV peeks of ceremonies, and answering fan questions.


Snowboarder Maddie Mastro

With over 450k followers and multiple videos garnering over 2 million views, Maddie Mastro might be the resident TikTok correspondent of the winter Olympics. The snowboarder has accepted this duty with gusto, confirming rumors about lucky rabbit feet built into athletes’ gear, letting fans tune into her “Get Ready With Me” videos, showing just how steep the half-pipe is, and documenting her reunion with her fellow Olympian bestie, Australian snowboarder Emily Arthur.


Figure Skating Coach Adam Rippon

Fan favorite and retired figure skater Adam Rippon might not be taking the ice this year, but he is in Beijing as a coach of his student Mariah Bell. And, since he isn’t competing, it seems Rippon has a lot more time to post content from inside of Olympic Village. When he’s not coaching, Rippon can be seen on TikTok giving tours of the facilities (with hilarious commentary), unboxing gear, and showing what it’s like to get tested at the Olympics.


Luger Ashley Farquharson

If you’re looking for some heartwarming inspiration this Olympic season, look no further than the TikTok of Olympic newbie Ashley Farquharson. While Farquharson posts plenty of typical Olympic TikTok content, like gear unboxings and coverage of the Olympic Village, the luger has loads of sweet content about being an Olympic newcomer like processing the reality of being at the Olympics with fellow newbies, annoying her veteran teammates, and reflecting on her journey to Beijing.


Snowboarder Chloe Kim

When you’re the youngest woman in history to win gold in Olympic snowboarding, your takes on trending TikTok sounds like Lana Del Rey’s “Spinning Like a Ballerina” tend to stand out a bit. Though Kim recently shared that she rarely posts on TikTok, hopefully clips from this year’s Olympic Games will give her some content inspo.


Snowboarder Shaun White

From one look at the thumbnails of snowboarder Shaun White’s TikTok page, it seems that the record-breaking gold medalist is vying to break another world record in “Most TikTok Duets Shot While Eating a Plate of Food.” However, judging by his recent earnest post about making it to his fifth Olympic Games this year, White could be making a shift to more Olympics-centric content soon.


Skier Alex Ferreira

Halfpipe skier Alex Ferreira is no stranger to content creating. “Ferda by day...hans by night,” his TikTok bio reads above a YouTube link to a video of his skiing alter-ego, Hotdoggin’ Hans. It’s safe to guess Ferreira won’t be hitting the slopes in elderly prosthetics as Hans, but it seems likely that he will be a good sport about sharing some comedic content in the Village this year.


Speed Skater Joey Mantia

From sleek transitions to clever wipeout compilations, Joey Mantia seems to have a tight grasp on TikTok trends. Take a scroll through Mantia’s training ‘Toks and repurposed competition clips if you’re looking to get up to speed on the life of an Olympic speed skater.


Figure Skater Karen Chen

With nearly 600k followers and over 15 million likes, figure skater Karen Chen is looking like the one to watch when it comes to content from the Olympic Village. PSA: Scrolling her page might make you dizzy if you watch one too many spinning POVs.


Ice Dancer Kaitlin Hawayek

Skating partners maintaining chemistry and harmony on the rink can be crucial to taking home a medal at the Winter Olympics. Kaitlin Hawayek is intent on keeping up her chemistry with partner Jean-Luc Baker off the rink, too — as she’s started a TikTok series of telling Jean-Luc dad jokes.


Skier Breezy Johnson

Since joining TikTok in 2021, Breezy Johnson has been giving followers a behind-the-scenes on her Olympic training journey — and the realities of being a professional athlete. Here’s to hoping the alpine skier’s candid content can give us an inside scoop on her journey this year.


Basketball Player A'ja Wilson

Just because you're an Olympian doesn't mean your TikTok has to be all about the game. Basketball player A'ja Wilson's TikTok features her catching up on her dance moves and having fun with TikTok memes and challenges.


Gymnast MyKayla Skinner

Not many of Team USA’s famed Women’s Gymnastics team is on TikTok, but MyKayla Skinner, who’s headed to the Olympics for the second time, serves up all the mat content you need to get excited for the Games.


Diver Sam Fricker’

Ever watched pro divers flip over and over and over in the air and wonder how they don’t get sick from dizziness? Olympic diver Sam Fricker’s TikTok doesn’t have an answer for you — but he is open to fielding your questions.


Sprinter Andre De Grasse

Need a dash of inspiration for your next sprinting workout? Watching Olympic sprinter Andre De Grasse fly across your feed can give you everything you need to get you ready to run.


Soccer Player Alex Morgan

You can get your fill of a range of content — from sports to cute babies — on soccer player Alex Morgan's TikTok. You'll learn on her feed that fancy footwork and apple sauce definitely go together.


Diver Jordan Windle

Whether you want to watch him dive or see him and his friends hang Christmas lights, you can check out diver Jordan Windle’s TikTok for laughs and swimspiration.


Swimmer Katie Ledecky

There aren't exactly a lot of videos on Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky's TikTok — but the vid that exists is a real charmer. You'll learn how to balance a glass of chocolate milk on your head while swimming a full lap in the pool. According to Ledecky, step two involves a very simple direction: "don't spill."


Basketball Player Stefanie Dolson

Basketball player Stefanie Dolson’s TikTok is almost as entertaining as watching Dolson crush it on defense. From driveway basketball fails to dancing — a whole lot of dancing, some of which happens on a lawn mower — there’s never a dull moment on Dolson’s TikTok.


Basketball Player Allisha Gray

Best friend challenge, anyone? Basketball player Allisha Gray’s TikTok features the 2017 WNBA rookie of the year being silly with friends and keeping up to date with TikTok’s latest and greatest memes.


Volleyball Player Sarah Sponcil

You might not know that you need to watch an Olympic volleyball player teaching her mom to play volleyball, but Sarah Sponcil’s TikTok will show you that you do. You also definitely need to see what happens when a non-golfing Olympian tries golf for the first time.


Volleyball Player Alix Klineman

There may not be a lot of vids on Olympic volleyball player Alix Klineman’s TikTok, but they’re worth watching. What does a day in the life of an Olympian look like — from the perspective of what shoes they’re wearing? You’ll find out, and also learn about how Klineman makes macadamia nut pancakes.


Volleyball Player April Ross

Who needs an actual opponent to practice their serve? Not volleyball player April Ross, whose TikTok will inspire you to set up a wooden target in your backyard when you need to let some energy out.


Diver Delaney Schnell

You’ve heard of handstands, but have you seen one performed on a high diving board, leading into a dive? Check out Olympic diver Delaney Schnell’s TikTok and you will.


Karateka Sakura Kokumai

Sakura Kokumai has been practicing karate for 20 years and is a literal Olympian — but still gets asked if she’s a black belt. Check out her TikTok for an Olympic-level reaction to ridiculous questions, Kokumai’s dance moves, and — of course — inspiring training compilations.


Rower Kendall Chase

If you’re looking for Olympic-level pride on your feed, rower Kendall Chase has your back. Check out her TikTok for joyful vids of Chase galavanting around with a Pride flag to her honest opinion of people who wake up early to work out (herself included).


Rugby Player Kayla Canett

What happens when an Olympian is also an introvert? Rugby player Kayla Canett’s TikTok will give you some insight. You’ll also learn why she’s been called elastagirl.


Rugby Player Ilona Maher

Rugby player Ilona Maher is the unofficial TikTok documentarian of the Tokyo Olympics. Her page will keep you up to date on budding romances in the Olympic village.


Rugby Player Naya Tapper

Olympians had to improvise during the pandemic, too. Rugby player Naya Tapper used a bamboo bar to improve her bench press game. Of course, her TikTok will also let you get a glimpse of her rugby skills, too.


Skateboarder Jordyn Barratt

Tune into skateboarder Jordyn Barratt’s TikTok to watch her catching big air on her board — and see some puppy videos, too.


Skateboarder Mariah Duran

Yes, Olympic-level athletes still go have fun in skate parks. Skateboarder Mariah Duran’s TikTok will show you what it looks like when Olympians break their boards in parking lots.


Surfer Kanoa Igarashi

Olympic surfer Kanoa Igarashi is the unofficial TikTok thirst trap of the Tokyo games — he went viral after responding to a TikTok thanking Japan for making surfing an Olympic sport (subtext: because he’s in it). But his TikTok proves that he’s more than just a pro surfer: He’s also mastered the art of flopping perfectly onto a hotel bed.


Skateboarder Sky Brown

Wondering what Olympians do during their spare time in the Olympic village? 13-year-old skateboarder Sky Brown is the youngest summer Olympian ever, and will let you know how the pros do it.

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