The Sun Tarot Card Meaning, Explained

It’s a big thumbs up from the universe.

The sun in the major arcana in the rider-waite tarot deck. What does the sun tarot card mean?
Rider-Waite Tarot

If you’ve ever looked to astrological guidance, you may have also leaned on a tarot deck to help you navigate complicated times, too. Tarot card readings can be used to help you through a fork in the road or bring clarity to your situation, so it’s no wonder why people seek professional tarot readings or pick up a deck themselves. Each card has its own meaning, and the associations you make with it can give you guidance on how to move forward. When it comes to deciphering what the Sun tarot card means, you can expect to receive good tidings, abundance, and vibrant energy.

The Sun, which depicts the luminary beaming down on a smiling child sitting on top of a triumphant horse, is generally a harbinger of positive updates and encourages childlike wonder. It’s associated with triumph, as symbolized by the white horse, with the sun representing life’s exuberance. “While every tarot card embodies both light and shadow, the Sun is an overarchingly positive omen,” Erin River Sunday, tarot practitioner and astrologer for Birthdate Co., tells Bustle. “Its energy radiates proudly, like Leo — the zodiac sign it’s associated with — and can be read as a big thumbs up from the universe.”

If the Sun card came up in your reading, not only are you due for good things, but you're being encouraged to revel in pleasure and play. Keep reading to learn how what this positive message means for you.

What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean?

While people may have different interpretations of each card, the Sun card is typically an optimistic message of vitality and success. Think of this energetic card as a lust for life. It belongs to the Major arcana group, which deals with larger, overarching themes of life, such as a union between two people or letting go of a relationship that’s been holding you back.

“The Sun signifies the happiest card in the deck to many Tarot readers, with its advice being to simply hold what you love in a warm embrace,” explains Sunday. “It promises that everything is coming to light, so your inquiry can be witnessed with not only clarity but optimism.”

The card depicts a sun shining down on a child riding a white horse. The child represents purity and transparency, while the white horse symbolizes strength. Because the Sun is associated with firecracker Leo, which is all about play and pleasure, it’s connected to your inner child, connecting you with youthful optimism. “The Sun card says: Let yourself be overtaken by the limitless wonders of the world,” says Sunday.

What Does The Sun Card Mean When It’s Upright?

When the Sun card is pulled upright, it typically means good tidings are on the way. Whether you’re caught in the middle of a big decision in your career or are looking for guidance on making the first move in a relationship, the Sun’s message is here to give you the green light. If you’re considering changing course in your career, pulling the Sun card is a confirmation that you should explore those possibilities.

“When the Sun card appears upright in a tarot reading, it reflects an active and highly energized moment,” explains Rivers. “It’s almost impossible to not feel playful, childlike energy emanating from this card of pure joy.”

Since the Sun is symbolic of innocence, pulling it upright is a reminder to have fun and stay true to your inner child. “Rest assured that if the Sun appears in your reading upright, unfettered exuberance is not only accessible but encouraged,” Sunday says.

What Does The Sun Card Reversed Mean?

While the Sun card is usually a good omen, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Cards pulled in reverse can represent the underbelly of the card’s upright meaning. It could also represent its upright meaning but applied to your inner-self. With the Sun representing energy, play, and optimism, pulling it in reverse may indicate naivety or lack of practicality about a situation. For instance, if you’re asking a question about pursuing a relationship with your crush, pulling the Sun in reverse could indicate that you’re being hindered by your rose-tinted glasses.

“If the Sun card appears reversed in a Tarot reading, someone or something could be blocking your vision,” explains Sunday. But don’t panic — pulling the Sun in reverse is basically telling you to reflect and identify the blockages that might be interfering with your better judgment.