5 Tarot Cards That Symbolize Twin Flame Relationships

They’re meant to be learning experiences.

by Kristine Fellizar
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Tarot cards that symbolize twin flame relationships

A twin flame relationship can seem like a wild roller coaster full of intense emotional highs and very low lows. In fact, Alane Hathaway, tarot reader and psychic, tells Bustle it’s one of the “most challenging and profound connections” you can have in your lifetime. If you feel like you may be in a twin flame relationship, consulting the tarot deck can help you better navigate your twin flame journey. It all starts by learning which tarot cards show a twin flame relationship in a love reading.

Everyone has their own idea of what a twin flame is, but in general, they’re seen as your spiritual twin. They’re basically “two halves of one soul,” tarot reader Michelle Welch tells Bustle. While that may seem romantic, it’s actually a very challenging relationship by nature.

“Twin flames give each person a look in the mirror at who they really are, and this may reveal a shadow side that needs to be dealt with in life,” Welch says. “These relationships tend to run hot and passionate. While a twin flame can be your greatest teacher, sometimes things are mirrored back and you may become resistant or defensive.”

Since twin flame relationships are meant to be learning experiences, a tarot card reading, either done professionally or by yourself, can help you gain insight into your specific situation and what you can do moving forward. According to Hathaway and Welch, there are several tarot cards that point to a twin flame relationship that you may want to look out for.

Six Of Cups

The Six of Cups is often a strong indicator of a twin flame relationship as it represents the past. According to Hathaway, you may pull this card when there are karmic lessons about love that need to be learned. It can also mean the person you’re asking about is someone you may have shared a past life with and you’re longing to form a connection with them in this lifetime.

Two Of Cups

The Two of Cups represents partnership and a special union. If you’re asking about a new relationship coming in and you pull the Two of Cups, your twin flame could be coming into your life soon, Welch says. This is especially true if you pull this card with the Six of Cups or the Wheel of Fortune, which is related to destiny and karmic ties.

The Lovers

The Lovers is a major arcana card that perfectly represents a twin flame relationship. According to Welch, there’s passion, temptation, and choice within the card’s meaning. “Things are not always smooth sailing and there is no assurance of a lasting relationship,” she says.

The Devil

The Devil tarot card has very similar imagery to the Lovers, but instead of an angel blessing a couple, there’s a large devil standing behind them. According to Welch, this card deals with temptation and addiction, which can be shown in the imagery of the couple in chains. You may pull this card in a reading if you’re stuck in a situation that’s toxic and not for your highest good. “Many times twin flames burn too hot and become unhealthy as represented by the Devil card,” Welch says.

The Tower

The Tower is a card that represents destruction and unforeseen change. According to Welch, this card can symbolize the toxic nature of twin flame relationships and the need take action. If you pull the Tower in a reading, you may be at the point in your situation where you set healthier boundaries or decide it’s finally time to end it and move on.


Michelle Welch, tarot reader and owner of SoulTopia, LLC

Alane Hathaway, tarot reader with The Rising Moon

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