6 Signs Of A Past Life-Connection, According To Psychics

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by Kristine Fellizar and Nina Kahn
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Have you ever run into someone who you immediately felt a strong connection to, despite the fact that you'd never met before? This phenomenon could just indicate a random but powerful synergy between two strangers. However, if you're open to the idea of past lives, there's a chance you may have known that familiar-seeming stranger at a totally different place and point in time. Many psychics, spiritualists, and people of different faiths believe that we have past-life connections with the people, places, and even pets in our current lives. If you've ever wondered whether you had a past life, you'll probably want to know how to tell if someone you know was in your past life, too.

Regardless of whether you believe in them or not, the concept of past lives and reincarnation are deeply embedded in belief systems around the world and throughout history. Many religions — including Hinduism, Buddhism, and some sects of Judaism and Islam — incorporate ideas about past lives and reincarnation into their traditions and ideologies, and services like past life readings have gained popularity in Western new age circles, too. The concept of a past life hinges on the idea that we have a non-physical soul or essence that moves from one physical body to the next over the course of multiple lifetimes — which means that, in theory, you may have had many lives and connections with others before the one you're currently experiencing.

"Everyone has a past life or lives," psychic Andrew Brewer tells Bustle. "People reincarnate because they like to be here." It’s possible that your soul essence has taken physical form in your current life because it's been here before and now wants to experience something more or grow in some way. And while our reincarnating souls may evolve in a way that brings wisdom to future lifetimes, according to Brewer, people don't change too drastically from one lifetime to the next. "Think of each incarnation as the soul’s personal expression of self," Brewer says. "Each go round, we come with similar traits, talents, and quirks — as well as consistent physical qualities, regardless of race or gender — that echoes our dominant soul essence."

Because we tend to reincarnate "looking, acting, thinking, and processing" in a similar way throughout multiple lifetimes, according to Brewer, it makes sense that we might also have IRL run-ins with souls that we've known in other lives. Meeting someone you've known in a past life brings a unique and powerful connection — and according to psychics, there are some signs to look out for that can tip you off.

If you've got a wild connection with someone and are wondering how to tell if someone is your past life partner, here's what to look out for.


Astrological Past-Life Compatibility

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If you're regularly asking yourself "Is my partner from a past life?" then you'll be excited to know that the answer may be written in the stars — and your astrological birth chart may be able to offer some insight. The branch of astrology called synastry is often used to compare the compatibility between two or more birth charts, and it can be used to identify past-life relationships, too. An experienced astrologer will know what cosmic clues to look for that point toward a past life lover.

"You can see past life connections very clearly through astrology," Brewer says. "[Synastry] is typically used when looking for the romantic possibilities between two prospective partners." The North and South Nodes in astrology represent matters of fate and destiny, and the South Node specifically is associated with past lives. So in addition to a strong personal connection, having major points or planets in your chart align with someone’s South Node — or vice versa — could shed light on the nature of a potential past life relationship.


Gut-Check A Past-Life Connection

Comparing birth charts is a helpful practice when exploring the possibility of a past life relationship with someone, but sometimes it can be as simple as noticing how you felt when you first met them. Meeting a significant person from your past life will typically cause a noticeable gut feeling. The reaction to their presence can be good or bad, but according to Brewer, it’s rarely going to be neutral. Either being very drawn to or highly disliking someone upon first meeting them — without any logical reason or insight into why — could be a sign that you've connected in a past life.

And sometimes the energetic draw is even more intense. Experiencing the feeling of love at first sight is another powerful sign you've had a past life with someone. "There is no such thing as love at first sight — it's actually love at first memory," psychic medium Vincent Genna, MSW, tells Bustle. "Without consciously knowing it, [you might be] having a past-life recall." If you felt that overwhelming “love at first sight” sensation with your partner, then perhaps it’s because you were together in a life before this one.


You're Drawn To Each Other

Soulmates (or people you've had past lives with) can come into your current life in all different forms. A past life soulmate doesn't have to be a romantic partner — they can be friends, colleagues, or family members. But according to psychic medium Erica Korman, one common theme between all past-life connections is that you feel very drawn to each other. "No one is brought into your life by accident," Korman tells Bustle. "We all meet for a reason, whether we know it or not." This could mean that your souls have some sort of unfinished business to work out or things you still need to learn from one another.


Your Relationship Dynamics Are Confusing

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Sometimes in relationships, it can feel like the roles are mysteriously reversed or the dynamics don’t make sense. If you’re familiar with that feeling and have relationships that fit the bill, there may be past-life action at play. "You generally travel with the same group of souls when you reincarnate, but you might play different roles in each others’ lives," psychic medium Caroline Zani tells Bustle. "If you’ve ever heard someone say, 'I feel like I’m the mother and she’s the child,' when talking about their mother, that’s a strong indication that they are playing out some karmic balancing."

While there are many factors that affect relationship dynamics, developing an understanding of past life connections can help us to make sense of our interpersonal struggles on a deeper level.


Time Doesn’t Exist When You’re With Your Past-Life Connection

Some friendships can last a lifetime — or several, if you believe in past lives. We all have a friend who we might go years without talking to but can easily pick back up with like no time has passed, and these timeless-feeling relationships could point to a past-life connection.

If you’re connected with someone from another life, then things like time and distance won't affect your bond as easily as it normally could. If you're meant to reconnect, then this life will always bring you together. "With the internet and social media, you can find lost people easily — that is, if they want to be found," spiritual counselor and psychic Davida Rappaport tells Bustle. "If they do not want you to find them, perhaps your karma with them is complete in this lifetime."


Past Life Connections Aren't Limited To People

Past-life connections aren't just limited to our fellow human beings. Animals may have been with you in a past life, too. "In many cases, animals instinctively know where they want to be — the home they want, the human parent they seek — or they know you can help them find the home they need," Rappaport says. "If someone is drawn to a specific breed of animal and there is no explanation for it, it may be from a past life."

It's possible that some animals find humans because their souls were linked in a past life. But since we can't simply can't ask an animal how they're feeling, we have to go with our gut. "There may be something about an animal that [makes you] feel like you both belong together, and perhaps you do," Rappaport says. "If an animal wants you, somehow they’ll end up where you can find them at the right time."

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