13 Ways You Could Get Off Today

In honor of National Orgasm Day.

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Happy National Orgasm Day! Today's the day to address not just how important orgasms are to female sexuality, but just how many of them you are capable of having. You may think that orgasms start and end with the clitoris, especially if you’ve yet to scope out your G-spot, but the clit is the just the beginning of the fun. For example, did you know that you can have a cervical orgasm? Or an orgasm while kissing? Because you can.

Although getting off during sex isn’t the only way to have a good time, it's still something you may want to try to do — either by yourself or with a partner. The problem is, for 10 to 15 % of women, orgasms are this elusive thing that can be tough to achieve. So if you've yet to experience one at all, you're definitely not alone.

Perhaps today's the day to begin figuring out what you like. "Start touching your body in different zones, different angles, and discover what works best," Dr. Carolina Pataky, a relationship and sex therapist, tells Bustle. "Try out different toys, different fantasies, and explore your own sexuality." And if you have a partner, talk with them about what you do and don't enjoy, she says, and experiment together — with the goal of having more orgasms.

National Orgasm Day aims to bring attention to the many ways you can have fun. So with that in mind, here are 13 kinds of orgasms that could be on the menu today, and any day.


1. Clitoral Orgasm

With 70% of women needing clitoral stimulation during sex to orgasm, it makes this method one of the most common of them all. Whether you are with a partner, use your fingers, a vibrator, or your favorite shower head, with the right amount of pressure and technique, you'll probably be able to get there.

After all, "the sole purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasure," Pataky says. Everyone is different, she adds, so experiment with different amounts of pressure and movement, to find what's most enjoyable for you.

2. Nipple Orgasm

You might not think they have anything to do with orgasms, but the reality is "nipples and breasts are major erogenous zones," Pataky says. You might enjoy having them licked, sucked, touched, caressed — whatever feels best on this super sensitive area. It's not common to reach orgasm via nipple stimulation alone, Pataky says, but it's not impossible if it’s entirely pleasurable.

3. Vaginal (G-Spot) Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm happens when the G-spot is activated via penetration. To try ti yourself, "use fingers or a toy and use an 'upward' motion toward your stomach and find a spot/area that feels pleasurable for you and continue stimulating that region," Pataky says. "Once located, and stimulated, woman can reach orgasm."

4. Mental Orgasm

The biggest sexual organ of all is the brain. In fact, mental orgasms are not an anomaly. Studies have found that although the numbers are small, women can think they’re way to orgasm. (Fun fact: Lady Gaga claims to be one of these women.)

5. Urethra Orgasm

It may seem strange that the part of your body where your urine comes out could be stimulated, but it can! If you look at a diagram of the female anatomy, you’ll see that the urethra is almost totally surrounded by the clitoris (remember your clit is way bigger than you think.) So when your urethra or “U-spot” is stimulated, blood rushes to the opening and fluid within the Skene’s glands begins its production. That fluid is what’s released when a woman squirts while having an orgasm.

6. Skin Orgasm

A skin orgasms or “frissons” is the way your epidermis reacts to intense sensations. Along with trembling, sweating, and becoming flushed, a skin orgasm is also one of sexual arousal. Music, especially, has been discovered to be the source of skin orgasms and studies have found they can be addictive as hell.

7. Kissing Orgasm


If you’ve ever had one of those long, passionate kisses, then you know that, if you at least keep at it, kissing orgasms are real. Lips, being a 100 times more sensitive than fingertips, are one of the few erogenous zones on a women, so it makes sense that 20% of women have experienced orgasms from kissing. It just takes a lot of focus and attention to every sensation you’re feeling.

8. Cervical Orgasm

When the cervix is stimulated it affects that genital sensory cortex in the brain, resulting in an orgasm. But the thing with a cervical orgasm is that it’s achieved from very deep penetration, which can be painful for some women. If you’re experiencing any pain in your hopes of achieving a cervical orgasm, then back off for a while and try something else. There’s no sense in hurting yourself in the process.

9. Sleep Orgasm

While it's difficult to calculate how often this happens to women, Pataky says, it is possible to have an orgasm while you sleep. "During an erotic and sensual dreams, women are able to come to orgasm," she says. It has a lot to do with being deeply relaxed and letting your imagination go — which is helpful for having orgasms while awake, too.

10. Anal Orgasm

While many people like to use vibrators so they can orgasm, even without clitoral stimulation you can still climax from anal sex. According to Pataky, "Anal orgasm can be reached via anal stimulation. It can be a wide range of practices: penetrating, licking, fingering, touching, rubbing, etc."

Never experienced it? Here’s your step-by-step guide.

11. Coreorgasms

Also known as coregasms, having an orgasm while working out is something a lot of women experience, especially during ab exercises. According to Alfred Kinsey in a 1953 paper he wrote for Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, 5% of women experience orgasms during exercise. In 2013, Fitness magazine reported that percentage to be at 10, probably because more women exercise now than they did in 1953.

12. Blended Orgasms

A blended orgasm is just what it sounds like: Orgasms from different parts of your body happening at once. Sounds too good to be true, right? Although the most common blended orgasm can be attributed to both a G-spot and clitoral orgasm happening at once, considering how many other parts of the body can be stimulated to orgasm, you can have a blended orgasm that’s pretty much all-encompassing.

13. Multiple Orgasms

Not to be confused with blended orgasms, multiple orgasms are orgasms that happen one right after the other, with no prolonged stopping in between. They're basically the thing that every woman wants to experience and if she can get them blended, even better.

Again, it can take some time to get to know your body well enough to achieve an orgasm, of any kind. But if you'd like to try having a blended orgasm, nipple orgasm, or kissing orgasm on National Orgasm Day, go ahead and start experimenting!


Dr. Carolina Pataky, relationship and sex therapist

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