3 August 2022 Full Moon Manifestations

An astrologer recommends practices to get the most out of the year’s last supermoon.

A woman lights a candle as an August 2022 full moon manifestation.
Anastasiia Krivenok/Moment/Getty Images

It’s natural to find yourself enchanted by a full moon’s glow, especially during a supermoon, when the moon’s orbit brings it closer to Earth. In astrology, the full moon symbolizes a period of release and completion. It’s a time for emotional catharsis, tying up loose ends, and letting go of the past. This month’s full moon, which will peak on Aug. 11 at 9:36 p.m. ET (6:36 p.m. PT), is a supermoon entering visionary Aquarius. It arrives a few days after the lion's gate portal, one of the luckiest days of the year, making this lunation ripe for radical shifts and personal innovation. It’s a perfect month to try some manifestations.

Manifestation is the practice of attracting your dream life by actively believing that you’re already living it. Because Aquarius is all about innovation, the air sign can help envision a hopeful future for ourselves and our communities. The auspicious lion’s gate portal could help make those hopes tangible. “Lion’s gate is a time when intensified energy is moving through the spiritual and physical realms and has influences from Ancient Egypt,” Imani Quinn, an astrologer and co-author of Astrology SOS, tells Bustle. “There is such intense energy connecting us to spirit, which is also connected to our highest selves and divine paths.”

Ready to let go of old conventions and attract luck? Keep reading for August 2022 full moon manifestation ideas.

August Full Moon Manifestation Ideas

1. Gratitude List

Expressing gratitude is essential to manifesting because it helps clarify important things in your life. During the full moon, create a list of four or five things you’re thankful for. This will help you appreciate them while also showing the universe you’re ready to receive more blessings.

“Think of your loved ones who support your path and the accomplishments that you’re proud of,” says Quinn. “Take time to note those gratitudes and sit with them in your heart so they fill your cup, and then the universe can respond by giving you more of it.”

2. Heart Chakra Meditation

Aquarius isn’t the most emotional sign, but since this lunation is in Leo season, it’s a great time to bring love into focus. Your heart chakra, or energetic center in the body, can easily get blocked. Opening your heart through meditation can help magnetize the things you want to bring into your life.

Quinn suggests playing meditation music. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit, and visualize your heart chakra radiating light. “As you do this, recite your intentions and manifestations for the full moon out loud,” says Quinn. If you’re manifesting a strong social circle, for example, you could picture yourself on an outing with a group of friends. “Once you are done, thank your spirit team and the universe for assisting you in bringing these intentions to your physical reality, and bring your hands to your heart in acknowledgment of the heart opening exercise.”

3. Candle Magic

It’s fitting to honor Leo season with fire. Because it’s helpful for releasing and attracting, candle magic is a staple in many manifestation practices. “Working with the symbols and energies that are active during this full moon will help in utilizing the portal for your intentions,” explains Quinn.

To start your candle ritual, Quinn suggests using an orange candle that symbolizes the sun, aka Leo’s planetary ruler. As you light the candle, recite your manifestations as if they’re already happening, like “I have a buzzing social life and reliable friends.” Gaze into the fire and envision your manifestations. Repeat until the fire goes out.