Here's Each Zodiac Sign's Ideal Wedding

Vintage touches or over-the-top details? Let the stars decide.

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Here's what each zodiac sign's dream wedding looks like.
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Do you have a wedding coming up within the next year? If so, it might help to think of the best kind of wedding for your zodiac sign. Of course, style and personality will come into play, too. But your zodiac sign can be extremely telling of your likes, dislikes, and the way you interact with the world. It also speaks to the things that you connect with on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. And while it might not be the deciding factor, thinking about your zodiac sign and its qualities can surely get you started on the right foot.

From wedding traditions you’re most likely to break to ideal honeymoon destinations, your astrological sign can tell you a lot about yourself, and your dream wedding aesthetic is no exception. That being said, it’s important to remember this isn’t an exact science, so don’t stress if the ceremony you’ve been planning in your head for years doesn’t match up with your zodiac. After all, you can always add a unique flair to each of these ideas, and even mesh two or three ideas together to create a memorable day that’s all your own. Ready to plan? Let’s get started!

1. Aquarius: Mystical Wedding

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Your Birthday: Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

Aquarius individuals are all about making the world a better place. They also love to connect with others on a spiritual and mental level, especially when it involves progressive learning and empathy. The vibes of a whimsical, offbeat wedding would speak to this air sign like no other. Pairing it with a humanitarian activity — such as asking guests to make donations to a community organization instead of giving gifts — would be the icing on the cake.

2. Pisces: Barn Wedding

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Your Birthday: Feb. 19 – March 20

Like other water signs, Pisces are extremely intuitive and in touch with their emotions. What makes them special, though, is their generous nature. A rustic barn wedding would encompass their creative, kind-heartedness in the best way. Extra points for a lakeside barn wedding to get in touch with their water sign side.

3. Aries: Vibrant & Colorful Wedding

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Your Birthday: March 21 – April 19

Much like the Aries personality, this fire sign loves vibrancy and liveliness. Aries individuals love bringing people together and creating a community through laughter and emotion. Their upbeat charisma is the perfect fuel for a wedding full of color, karaoke, and dancing the night away.

4. Taurus: Mansion Wedding

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Your Birthday: April 20 – May 20

Taurus individuals are drawn to anything that screams luxury, and there’s nothing more luxurious than hosting your wedding at a gorgeous estate or mansion with picturesque views and an enviable interior.

5. Gemini: Vintage Wedding

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Your Birthday: May 21 - June 20

Geminis are known for their sunny personalities and contagious sense of humor. They also love to ask questions and learn, learn, and learn some more. That’s why a vintage-inspired wedding would be great. Between the quirky details and historic touches, this theme will tend to Gemini’s creative spirit and diverse interests. Goodness knows the wedding will be full of decorative conversation pieces, too!

6. Cancer: Intimate Beach Wedding

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Your Birthday: June 21 - July 22

This water sign is a beach babe at heart. It's not unlikely that they feel connected to the flow of the ocean, much like they do with emotions and thoughts. In true Cancer fashion, this wedding would encompass everything you love: homemade decor, personalized touches, and simple yet delicious food. This type of small, intimate wedding would include just your close friends and family.

7. Leo: Destination Wedding

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Your Birthday: July 23 - Aug. 22

Leos are known for having strong opinions and a powerful presence. And as a Leo, you’re all about making a statement. A memorable getaway wedding will fit the passion and drive that you have as a fire sign. Choose a spot that fits your personality and style paired with breathtaking views and scenery. Don't be afraid to shoot for your ultimate dream spot; your hardworking self totally deserves it.

8. Virgo: Courthouse Wedding

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Your Birthday: Aug. 23 – Sept. 22

As a practical and realistic Earth sign, you’ll be completely content with a wedding without the bells and whistles. After all, too many details might make your brain go haywire — I totally don’t blame you. Your knack for organization will work in your favor, too. A simpler wedding means less stressful planning and more time for enjoying the big day.

9. Libra: Rager Wedding

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Your Birthday: Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

As a Libra, you’re the most social of all the zodiac signs. You’re comfortable with small talk and love getting to know new people. That’s why you would work well with a wedding that doubles as the most unforgettable party of the year. The size of the wedding doesn’t even matter; it’s the memories that go down with it. You’ll have a blast celebrating with each and every person in attendance, just like the social butterfly you are.

10. Scorpio: Romantic Elopement

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Your Birthday: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Equal parts intense and mysterious, Scorpios are all about getting in touch with their feelings. The ideal arrangement for this water sign would be a secretive and romantic elopement, giving you the chance to unleash your inner seductress. It also leaves ample space and time for intelligent, passionate conversations about the topics that matter most to you.

11. Sagittarius: City Wedding

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Your Birthday: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Sagittarians are known for their thirst for knowledge and never-ending curiosity. Pegging them as a “wanderer” might be an understatement. They love adventure and everything that comes with it. A city wedding provides the unpredictable thrill that a Sagittarius seeks. Likewise, a wedding in the mountains would also be up their alley.

12. Capricorn: Simple & Practical Wedding

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Your Birthday: Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Like Virgos, Capricorns love practicality. They don’t need the fancy shmancy extras to be impressed or feel loved. From the cake choice to the decorations, wedding details aren’t of major concern. After all, this hardworking earth sign is all for just building up an enjoyable wedding and basking in the moment.

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