4 Zodiac Signs Least Affected By The October New Moon

It's bittersweet, but new connections will bloom someday.

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These four zodiac signs will be least affected by the October new moon.
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Are you ready for glorious cosmic shifts? A new moon arrives on Oct. 14, 2023 at 1:55 p.m. ET (10:55 a.m. PT) in peaceful Libra, and it doubles as a solar eclipse. The theme of this intense lunation is about reflecting on relationships and deciding if and when to let go. While release may be difficult for some, the four zodiac signs who are least affected by this new moon will be able to exit with more ease.

Typically, new moons invite comtemplation and usher in fresh starts. However, the addition of an eclipse means you can expect surprising wake-up calls and plot twists as you sift through the lessons you’ve learned in the past year or so. While turbulent for some, these revelations may feel a lot smoother for those who are less impacted by the eclipse’s drama. That’s because this moon rises in diplomatic Libra, a sign that’s mastered the art of staying neutral in the face of conflict.

“People will be embracing better ways of relating with one another, but that might require letting go of anything that's currently preventing you from experiencing successful relationships,” says astrologer Ryan Marquardt.

There’s another astrological layer to this: This eclipse occurs alongside the South Node, a celestial point that represents wisdom from the past. “People will be feeling a purge, release, or serious need to let go of something from the past in order to claim their fresh start,” Marquardt says.

While saying goodbye to certain relationships is often bittersweet, a select few will experience moments of clarity that allow them to coast through everyone else’s lunar drama. Better connections will bloom after they loosen their grip on those they’ve outgrown.

Gemini Zodiac Signs

May 21 - June 20

Curiosity is taking over, Gemini — this eclipse amplifies your thirst for exploration. “Gemini is likely to feel extra inspired right now, tapping into their artistic side and indulging in new hobbies or passion projects,” says Marquardt.

There’s an extra steamy element here, too. According to Marquardt, you may even feel love’s spark, “which could unfold into a substantial relationship in the coming months.” If you’re in a relationship, Oct. 14 could be the perfect night for romance and intimacy.

Leo Zodiac Signs

July 23 - Aug. 22

Speaking from your heart is your specialty, Leo. Your ability to lead with courage will come in handy when you encounter some tough conversations during this new moon. This is a fruitful time to vocalize your needs.

“Leo could have meaningful, life-altering conversations that give them more clarity and empower them to start living their daily life with a greater sense of exploration,” says Marquardt.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Sagittarius, your audacity and strong will are appreciated by the people who really matter — and this lunation will show you exactly who they are. Don’t worry if the stars claim a friendship you’ve outgrown or a connection that’s no longer satisfying. You’re likely to find your chosen family during this bittersweet lunation.

“Sagittarians will connect with like-minded people and foster connections with individuals who cherish them for all their quirks,” Marquardt says. Lean into the relationships that give you support, even (and especially) in difficult moments.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs

Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

Curiosity is your superpower, Aquarius. You’re good at absorbing wisdom from higher sources, and October’s new moon will help you see important situations with even more clarity. This will pave the way for deeper relationships.

“Even though Aquarius is finding reasons to be more carefree in life right now, they're also not afraid to have more depth and intimacy in their connections with other people,” says Marquardt. That said, putting your pride aside is consequential as you seek to understand people with different perspectives.


Ryan Marquardt, astrologer

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