10 Coming Of Age Shows Like 'Sex Education' With Just As Many Laughs

Derry Girls/Channel 4

Your teenage years are amongst your most difficult aren't they? Not a girl, not yet a woman, not paying any bills, yet more stressed out than you will probably ever be in your whole life. That's why shows like Sex Education are such a hit. However, funny as they are, they are a reminder of the hugely intense feelings people have at that age. And like, a sick part of you wants to reminisce right? Well don't worry because once you have finished it, there are lots of coming of age shows like Sex Education for you to laugh/cry at.

Real talk though, things that once caused you breakdown levels of stress and personal turmoil are now actually laughable. Any teens reading this, please take this on board. And there really is a large part of me that suspects the universe invented bills and responsibility so you would realise most stuff is absolutely not worth worrying about.

Teen dramas which show lusty youths desperate to get intimate is definitely not a new thing, nor something unfamiliar to pretty much anyone who went to school. And these ones even feature students who seem to be successful in their endeavours. Something that can't be said for most teenagers. So roll up, roll up, and create a bunch of school memories where you actually managed to live the cool life.