10 Hilarious Coming Of Age Shows To Stream If You Loved Netflix's 'Sex Education'

Derry Girls/Channel 4

Your teenage years are amongst your most difficult aren't they? Not a girl, not yet a woman, not paying any bills, yet more stressed out than you will probably ever be in your whole life. That's why shows like Sex Education are such a hit. However, funny as they are, they are a reminder of the hugely intense feelings people have at that age. And like, a sick part of you wants to reminisce right? Well don't worry because once you have finished it, there are lots of coming of age shows like Sex Education for you to laugh/cry at.

Real talk though, things that once caused you breakdown levels of stress and personal turmoil are now actually laughable. Any teens reading this, please take this on board. And there really is a large part of me that suspects the universe invented bills and responsibility so you would realise most stuff is absolutely not worth worrying about.

Teen dramas which show lusty youths desperate to get intimate is definitely not a new thing, nor something unfamiliar to pretty much anyone who went to school. And these ones even feature students who seem to be successful in their endeavours. Something that can't be said for most teenagers. So roll up, roll up, and create a bunch of school memories where you actually managed to live the cool life.


'Freaks & Geeks'

Freaks And Geeks/Apatow Productions

Freaks And Geeks is a tragically short lived TV show that was set in an '80s high school and all of the trials and tribulations of those attending said school.

The cast is made up of some seriously successful actors, who have been busy AF in the time being, as well as being created by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow.

Not only was it far ahead of its time but it also provided queer stories and laugh-out-loud funny.

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Everyone of a certain age from the UK and Ireland has seen Skins and definitely has a favourite cast. Mine was the one with the lesbians in (don't you call me biased). How 'bout you?

Anyhow, with sex, drugs, rock and roll, and probably a late teen experience nothing like what you ever did — Skins is an absolute feast for the senses. And with seven seasons, time to eat up.

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'Sugar Rush'

Sugar Rush/Channel 4

Based on the LGBTQIA book series of the same name, the tale of a queer girl who finds herself falling for her best friend after she has moved school.

It is laugh-out-loud funny and was ahead of its time in terms of representing young queer women on screen. Big up Channel 4 for always pushing the boundaries.

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Awkward is the story of a group of teenagers trying to get popular and succeeding in not the most traditional ways.

15-year-old Jenna becomes the centre of attention after the student body mistakes an accident she has for a suicide attempt. Gaining all the attention, but not in the best way, becomes kind of addictive to her.

Filled with the trials and tribulations of youth as well as being peppered with the real life struggles of a diverse group of young people, this one is not to be missed.

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OK so this one is a little left field. It is a coming of age story about a load of young offenders who are doing community service. All is normal until they get struck by lightning in some sort of storm and then end up getting bonkers supernatural powers and everything gets lit AF.

It is dramatic, funny, shocking, and above all addictive AF. With five seasons available to watch and all on 4OD, drop what you are doing immediately and get marathoning.

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'The End Of The F***ing World'

The End Of The F***ing World/Channel 4

A wannabe serial killing teenage boy and an emotionally unstable teenage girl go off on a sort of unexpected, madcap adventure. What could go wrong? Well, a bunch.

This show was so funny that they went on ahead and commissioned a second season. For now though, all of the first season is available on Netflix and All 4.

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'The Inbetweeners'

The Inbetweeners/Channel 4

The grandaddy of awkward teenage boy comedy, The Inbetweeners is just the ticket when it comes to a lot of jokes regarding male masturbation, poo jokes, and so on and so forth.

You can't help yourself but giggle at this crew no matter how high brow you consider your sense of humour. All three seasons are available on All 4 now, so add this to your list for little injections of humour when you need it.

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'Derry Girls'

Derry Girls/Channel 4

Set in the 1990s in Derry, Northern Ireland during The Troubles, Derry Girls is some of the best comedy to come out of Northern Ireland in recent years.

Representing issues affecting young teenage girls during a different time, and using that close-to-the-bone Northern Irish humour that is so funny, this show is a must see. First season is available on All 4 now.

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Two girls on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum, who happen to absolutely despise each other, end up accidentally connected after their parents get married.

Despite having only two seasons, the show remains an absolutely iconic and brilliant example of coming of age content at its finest.

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'Everything Sucks'

Everything Sucks/Netflix

This fairly new Netflix show is just the ticket for those who mourn the loss of shows like Freaks And Geeks.

Set in Oregon way back when in the 1990s, this is the clash of Titans. Well, in their school anyway. The A/V club nerds battle the considerably more popular Drama Club.

Angst and lots of LOLs ensue.

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With all these shows available, there is absolutely zero excuse to not relive the agony and the ecstasy of adolescence. Go on, I dare you.