10 Powerful Women's Strike Sign Ideas To Make A Point On "A Day Without A Woman"

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Time to sharpen your pencils and your wit. The "Day Without A Woman" strike is March 8, which calls for some powerful Women’s Strike sign ideas. As Trump proves time and time again on Twitter, you can say a lot in just a few words. If you’re looking to fight falsehoods with facts, funnies, or another choice "f" word, I’ve got a few protest sign ideas for you.

First things first, how can you participate in the Women’s Strike? Refrain from paid and unpaid work. Avoid shopping, except for at women- and minority-owned small businesses. Wear red in solidarity. You can check out the Women’s Strike page on the Women’s March website for more details. If you are looking to show off your strike sign in a more public venue, there will be “A Day Without A Woman” protests happening in cities across the country. As the strike intentionally coincides with International Women’s Day, you can also find an International Women’s Day rally near you. Protesting does work, but it requires people to show up with something to say.

So, whether you’ll be participating in a protest or you just need a clever out-of-office email message, here are 10 ideas that’ll drive home exactly what the Women’s Strike is all about.

1. Quote Your Favorite Feminist

Or quote your favorite feminist quoting another one of your favorite feminists. If you need some idea starters, here are some feminist quotes for "A Day Without A Woman."

2. Put a Face to the Numbers

Empathy is scientifically proven to help reduce prejudice. Show the Trump administration who they are hurting when they talking about defunding Planned Parenthood.

3. Speak Your Truth. Whatever That May Be.

Take a note from this tiny feminist and tell the world how you really feel. Jenny Sowry, mother of the internet-dubbed "Woke Baby", told Buzzfeed, her 22-month-old daughter "obviously had something to say and she did it herself."

4. "This is The Future That Liberals Want"

A recent tweet from a far-right account backfired when it shared a photo of a drag queen sitting next to a woman in a hijab and a niqab with the caption "This is the future that liberals want." In a word: duh. Slap that caption on a protest sign and the point will make itself.

5. Make It Personal With #IStrikeFor

Whether it's equal pay, LGBTQ rights, disability advocacy, gender justice, or all of the above, share who and what motivates you to strike. Check out #IStrikeFor on Twitter to see why other people are participating in "A Day Without A Woman."

6. Show Support for Your LGBTQ Family

We can all learn from this girl who stood up to transphobia with her protest sign at a trans rights rally. People who are transgender and gender nonconforming experience an amplified amount of discrimination and prejudice. Use March 8 to show your continued support for trans rights.

7. Hit 'em with Some Facts

Actual, reality-based facts. Not the other kind.

8. Remember that Gender Equality is Intersectional

You can also check out these downloadable graphics from the Women’s March to share on your social channels.

9. Say You Won't Repeat The Past

You can also harken to the Martin Niemöller poem with a "First They Came" poster, but tell them "not this time."

10. Work Out Your Feels

Are you angry? Good. Use that. March 8 is another opportunity to resist, to remember that this is not normal, and to remind yourself that you are not alone in this fight.