You Definitely Wrote About These Things In Your '90s Diary
by Megan Grant
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When we were kids and thought that nobody could possibly relate to us, there was often one place we turned when we needed to express ourselves: our diaries. We'd write about how hard our lives were and how alone we felt and all the other things you definitely wrote about in your diary in the '90s. It was the one place we could totally be ourselves and share our most intimate thoughts — thoughts about love and life and why nobody could ever assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey on Legends of the Hidden Temple. (Seriously. It couldn't be that hard.) We'd fill page after page with our deepest thoughts and emotions — and when we were feeling a little extra moody, maybe an original poem.

Then we'd lock our diaries with those little cheapo locks that you could pick with a bobby pin in about four seconds, and hide them someplace really obvious, like under the bed or in the sock drawer. (Parents always look under the bed first, people!) You forever wondered if your parents read it when you weren't around, and you couldn't help but worry about what they'd think of all the things you wrote about — you know, things like these...


"Nobody understands me"

— Said every teenager in the history of the world. You would go on for pages and pages about how nobody could possibly understand what you were going through, even though just about everybody was going through just about the same exact thing. But not you. You were different.


Wanting To Run Away And Be Free

Only then could you be who you want be and do what you want to do and eat cereal for dinner every day of the week. Parents are the worst.


A Fight You Had With A Sibling, Parent, BFF...

Your sister ate the last Fruit by the Foot and TOTALLY RUINED YOUR LIFE. You got back at her by tattling to your mom that she played 7 Minutes in Heaven with some dude from school at a recent slumber party. Payback!


Celebrity Crushes

Justin Timberlake has a voice like butter, but JC Chasez... those eyes. Oh, those eyes. They're like two Olympic-sized pools of Berry Blue Hi-C.


Your Dream Career

You were going to grow up and be an actor, and become super famous and make tons of money and escape this horrible place! (In real life, you became an accountant. But nobody warned you about that as a teenager.)


Contemplating Your Latest Crush At School

"Dear diary, today, I said hello to Jimmy at school, and he said hello back. I think it means he loves me too. We'll marry in the summer."


How Unfair Life Is

You parents and teachers were so strict. There were too many rules and responsibilities, and nobody's life was harder than yours. Why couldn't they just leave you alone and let you listen to Evanescence on full blast in peace?


Idle Gossip You Wouldn't Say Out Loud

You and your BFFs decided to form an all-girls group just like the Spice Girls, except Britney's accent was majorly off and Jamie couldn't carry a tune to save her life.


The Upcoming Dance

You'd dream of dancing with Billy What's-His-Name and possibly making out with him under the bleachers, kind of hidden but kind of in a place where all the other girls could see you and feel really jealous.


Your Evil Nemesis At School

It's a dog eat dog world out there. You thought Melissa was your friend until she told everyone you stuff your bra, which you totally don't do. Much.