11 Best Travel Journals For Documenting Your Next Adventure

Colorful Images; Amazon

What's your favorite way to document travel memories? If you're like most people, your answer probably involves social media. After all, capturing special moments on the internet has become the norm. And while this is an awesome way to share those memories with friends and family, it simply isn't the same as real photos and handwriting. So, why not record your memories in one of the best travel journals? By keeping a notebook on your trip, you can create a material keepsake that embodies the best of your adventure.

Personally, I prefer journals because they let me make travel memories without "everyone else" watching. They allow me to be my most authentic self, because I can write in a journal that's meant for my eyes only. This means I can soak up (and document) my experience in the most accurate way possible.

Besides, we all know what it's like to feel pressured to post the "best" picture and caption. But where's the fun in that? Thanks to these awesome notebooks, you can record your travel memories genuinely and creatively.

1. Passport Everyday Pocket Notebooks

For a lightweight journal that's cute to boot, pick up this pair of darling pocket notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. They're ideal if you don't need a lot of pages or simply want to keep your notes in one place.

2. Around The World Refillable Leather Journal

If you tend to go through a lot of notebooks, consider this refillable version from Jenni Bick. It's an awesome way to record your travels and memories in an eco-friendly way. This chic journal, which is available in two sizes, is also handcrafted and made in the USA.

3. Custom Travel Journal

Whether you're planning the trip of the lifetime or if you love to stay highly organized, this customized journal is an essential for any traveler. The minimalist pages are beautifully designed and include sections for your budget, "must see" spots, and more.

4. Semikolon Voyage Bookcloth Journal

Available in 14 colors, this sleek cloth journal is a traveler's dream come true. It even includes world maps and a pen loop, so you'll never lose your trusty writing utensil. It's available in two sizes: the Grand Voyage and the Petit Voyage. Oh, and did we mention there are 14 colors?

5. Explorer Journal With Maps

From the built-in maps to the compass design, this faux leather journal is a must for the adventurous explorer. And while the maps may not be useful for your travels, they're made from real re-purposed world maps. Pretty cool, right?

6. U.S. Travel Scratch Journal

This unique travel journal includes scratch-offs of not only the United States map, but all 60 national parks as well. You can even choose the print for your map! So neat.

7. Travel Daily Journal

Thanks to the quintessential travel print, this journal will literally make you want to hop on a plane and explore the world. Plus, the front cover is magnetic while the back cover features a pocket.

8. Kraft Travel Journal with Botanical Illustration

Calling all plant lovers! This botanical kraft journal is the perfect notebook for you. It's also lightweight, so it's comfortable enough to bring on all your travels.

9. Compact Travel Journal with Prompts

If you need more guidance on your travels, pick up a journal with prompts. It's an awesome way to get the creative juices going and think about things that normally wouldn't have crossed your mind.

10. Find Your Adventure Journal

This beautiful notebook features activities, exercises, and questions to help you notice your surroundings in a new light. It's the ultimate journal for the traveler who loves thoughtful and mindful prompts.

11. RV And Camping Log

Campers, meet your newest favorite planning tool. This handy notebook includes pages for checklists, camp site details, and memories. You can even personalize the cover with your family's last name.