11 Matching Wedding Bands For Coordinating Couples

For most, marriage means that you and your partner promise to love and care for one another until your last second on this planet. Your unity is highlighted for all to see with a wedding ring. But, if you want to take things to the next level, matching wedding bands will help you coordinate with your sweetheart.

If you're the kind of pair that likes to wear Halloween costumes for couples or dress in the same colors for fancy parties, matching wedding bands were made for you. Plus, they're totally adorable — they're like BFF bracelets for soul mates. Of course, some people may find them a little too cutesy, but like anything in life, haters are always gonna' hate. When it comes to your wedding and the ways in which you want to celebrate your special day, don't let anyone dictate how you and your partner represent your love for one another. If matching wedding bands make you both swoon, you do you.

Gone are the days when plain gold wedding bands were the ring of choice for the masses; couples preparing to tie the knot are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful, creative wedding rings.

So if you want to carry a metaphorical piece of your beloved with you wherever you go, check out these gorgeous matching wedding bands for all types of partners.

1. The White Gold Set

14K White Gold Eternity Wedding Rings Set, $599,

Romantic couples are sure to be entranced by these rings that look as if they were both once part of the same band.

2. The Finger Print Design

Couples Custom Engraved Tungsten Fingerprint Rings, $189.99,

You can literally carry around a part of your partner with a wedding band that includes an engraving of their fingerprint.

3. The Minimal Bands

Oxidized Sterling Silver and Diamond Ring Set, $330,

Partners who aren't keen on OTT jewelry are sure to lean towards minimalist wedding bands.

4. The Feminine Flourish

Gold Leaf Wedding Band With Diamond, $598+ Per Ring,

Feminine representing folks who fancy a luxe ring might like these stunning rings that not only complement each other, but also fit perfectly with the designer's engagement ring collection.

5. The Subtle Initials

Unique Couple Ring Set, $1,480,

When seen alone, these cool rings have a contemporary vibe but when you pair them together, that's when the magic happens.

6. The Steampunk Bands

Unique Engagement Rings Set, $384,

Why not incorporate your shared hobby or passion into your ring design? These rustic, industrial style rings are perfect for steampunk fans.

7. The Elegant Gold Bands

Vintage 18K Gold Rope Guard Rings, $895,

Sometimes less is more and that's definitely the case with these vintage gold rings.

8. The Natural Bands

Silver Twig Matching Wedding Band Rings, $74,

Nature lovers can be at one with each other and the great outdoors with these organic style bands.

9. The Well Travelled Pair

14k Gold Travelers Wedding Bands, $695,

Couples who love nothing more than to explore will need these bands for their next big adventure.

10. The Decadent Dragons

Dragon Wedding Rings, $6,350,

Game of Thrones fans or lovers of all things fantasy will adore these opulent dragon rings featuring blue sapphire eyes.

11. The Rainbow Rings

Couples Rings, $244 Per Ring,

These rainbow rings are for partners who love to make a statement. Add a personal touch with an engraving on the inside.

There are matching rings to suit all tastes, so if coordinating with your lifelong companion sounds like your cup of tea, the hardest part will be narrowing down your favorites!

Images: Courtesy Brands