11 Over The Knee Boots That Actually Stay Up

Stumbling upon a pair of killer thigh boots is one thing, but finding the perfect pair of over the knee boots that stay up is a different story. You might spot a glorious pair of OTK boots that are just your size and style, but if they don't stay up, they're as useful as a chocolate teapot. Because what's the point of looking rad for all of three seconds, then spending the rest of the time yanking your boots up?

It's a sad state of affairs when you buy a pair of over the knee boots and they don't stay up, especially seeing as you might have a specific OTK boot wearer you want to channel. There are plenty of fierce femmes in popular culture, who look rad in their thigh highs: From the glamor puss Catwoman, to the contemporary Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or even your favorite Sailor Scout. However, you never see these ass-kicking gals take a time out in order to hoist their boots up.

Of course, everyone's bodies are different, so a pair of boots that fit your BFF like a glove may feel uncomfortable on your pins. But, when it comes to searching for OTK boots that stay up, there's one main thing you should look for — a method of fastening at the top.

So here are some over the knee boots that stay up, so you can look stylishly sassy whether you're fighting crime or at the office.

1. The Classic Lace Up Boots

Lace Up Over The Knee Boots, $60,

These lace up boots will have you feeling like a modern day Lara Croft — ready for anything that comes your way!

2. The Reverse Lace Up Boots

Gorgeous Lace Up Over the Knee Boot — Koko by J. Adams, $45, Amazon

On the other hand, if exploring your nearest metropolis excites you more than getting down and dirty in a jungle, these thigh high boots with laces up the back will add to your contemporary vibe.

3. The Zip Up Boots

ROF Women's Fashion Comfy Vegan Suede Block Heel, $30, Amazon

Folks who are always running late or simply cannot deal with the hassle of laces will love these simple, zip up boots.

4. The Buckled Boots

Faux Leather Over The Knee Boots, $85, Torrid

These buckled boots are an easy way to transform yourself into a biker babe — just add a faux leather jacket to complete the look.

5. The Skin Tight Pair

Liliana DB54 Women Suede Pointy Toe Thigh High, $55, Amazon

When all else fails, pick a pair of over the knee boots made from a slinky material that'll fit like a second skin.

6. The Toggle Detail Boots

BCBGeneration Women's Brennan Slouch Boot, $45, Amazon

Not only are these boots a great choice for people who hate heels, but they can be tightened or slackened with a clever toggle at the top of the boot.

7. The Lace Up Accent

Women's Lace Up Back Stretchy Over The Knee Stacked Chunky Boots, $30, Amazon

If you're not too keen on an entirely laced up boot, you can get in on the lacy action while keeping your boots in place, with this pair that feature a small, lace up section on the reverse of the boots.

8. The Tough Cookie Boots

BalaMasa Women High Heels Above The Knee, $38, Amazon

To find a pair of boots with real staying power, look out for stiff materials that won't budge an inch, even after plenty of wear and tear.

9. The Blue Velvet Boots

ESSEX GLAM Womens Boots, $35, Amazon

Quirky gals who wish to make a nod to the '70s will fall head over heels for these groovy boots. The ties in the back will ensure your boots don't fall down, even when you're dancing the night away.

10. The Vampy Boots

Lace Up Lace Heel Boots, $87, Torrid

These lacy boots will add the finishing touch to a gothic Halloween costume, or will add a femme fatale aura to your Saturday night attire.

11. The Glittering Jersey Boots

Charlotte Olympia Metallic Boots, $595, Net-A-Porter

For the ultimate in staying power, pick up a pair of these designer boots made from jersey, that feature elasticated cuffs with gummed trims on the inside, that are designed to fit like a pair of tights — a notion that might be worth the steep price tag.

Over the knee boots are not a myth; they do exist. Remember to look out for special fastenings and details around the leg of the boots to ensure you're not left wearing thigh high boots around your ankles.

Images: Courtesy Brands