Rachel & Bryan’s Recent Photos Will Give ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Serious FOMO

by Kristie Rohwedder
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A mere four months ago, the final episode of The Bachelorette Season 13 aired, revealing to the world that Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo were engaged. So, how are they doing all these weeks later? Well, judging from Instagram photos of Rachel and Bryan, they seem to really be into spending time with one another. They live together, they travel together, they celebrate holidays together, they attend events together, they hang out with Copper the dog together — all presumably things that people who enjoy each other’s company would do.

The moment the couple was permitted to shout their relationship status from the rooftops (i.e., The Bachelorette Season 13 finale), shouting their relationship status from the rooftops is precisely what they did. Bryan relocated to Dallas, the pair has said they eventually want to move to California together, and they’ve talked about getting married sometime next year. They're about as serious as Chris Harrison's face during a Rose Ceremony.

A Peter Kraus fan may sigh at all of this. “Maybe they’re just trying to prove everyone who was Team Peter wrong,” the Peter truther may whisper between sharp inhales. “Maybe this is all for show. Maybe this relationship is an illusion, byeee.” But sorry, hypothetical Peter truther, but Bryan and Rachel’s relationship isn’t about the Season 13 runner-up, nor is it about what happened at the polarizing Bachelorette finale. As far as any fans can tell, these two genuinely seem happy and in love and stoked to be in a relationship. Please leave your boots at the door, because this is a no-naysaying-shoes house.

So, what exactly have they been up to lately? Based on their social media accounts, it looks like they've been up to a whole lot of everything. Here's what can be gleaned from their Instagram accounts.

1. They Attended Jingle Ball Together

The Bachelorette couple went to KIIS FM’s annual holiday concert in Los Angeles. And just when you think Rachel couldn't get more likable, she goes and gives Demi Lovato a shoutout in her Instagram post.

2. They Celebrated Thanksgiving With Her Family

Well, this is adorable.

3. They Went To Florida For Christmas

Hanging out on a beach sure isn’t a bad way to spend the holiday.

4. They Had A Date Night During Their Miami "Staycation"

Not to split hairs, but: They both live in Dallas now, so this trip might technically not be a staycation? Whatever, it's still cute.

5. They Filmed Something "Top Secret"

Can’t wait to find out what this something is.

6. They Attended The Dallas Millennial Gala

And they looked ready to walk the Oscars red carpet.

7. They Took This Family Photo

Copper is such a star.

8. They Cheered On Her Alma Mater's Football Team

Out with the rose thorns, in with the Longhorns. (Go ahead and roll your eyes at that one if you want.)

9. They Went Out To Dinner With Other Bachelor Alums

As you might recall, Adam Gottschalk and Bryan were on Rachel’s season. Oh, and Raven Gates and Rachel were on Nick Viall’s season. And now they're all double dating. Turns out, they were there to make romantic relationships and to make friends.

10. They Visited Her Other Alma Mater

According to the Marquette Wire, Rachel gave a talk titled, "Lessons From My Bachelorette Negotiations."

11. He Bought Her Some Pandora Jewelry For Christmas

This post is both a slight spoiler and an ad. A real Instagram double whammy.

There you have it. Rachel and Bryan have been living, laughing, loving, and letting the world know that they are in it to win it.