Here’s What Happens When Four ‘Bachelor’ Nation Alums Go On A Double Date

by Kristie Rohwedder
Paul Hebert/ABC

Some Bachelor alums went on a group date over the weekend, but this particular outing didn’t segue right into a rose ceremony where hopeful suitors were sent packing. On Saturday, Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo, Raven Gates, and Adam Gottschalk went out on a double date together and took some photos for posterity’s sake. And said photos are as cute as Adam Jr.’s face is immobile.

For good measure, here’s a quick-and-dirty summary of the events leading up to this double date: Rachel and Raven met on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, Bryan and Adam met Rachel on her season of The Bachelorette, and Raven met Adam on Bachelor in Paradise. Rachel and Raven both dated Nick, Rachel dated Adam before he started dating Raven, and Adam dated Rachel before she got engaged to Bryan.

Fast-forward to a few months later, and all four are hanging out together in a restaurant in Dallas. What a world, what a life. If this was a normal situation, a web of exes like this could make for an awkward dinner. But a web of exes like this one is old hat for Bachelor Nation. Nothing weird going on here. If anything, it’d almost be weirder if this was a group of former Bachelor/ette contestants who never dated each other and/or never dated any of the same people.

Now, if Peter Kraus was there as the fifth wheel, on the other hand? And if he was just, like, casually chatting with the person he once said would have a mediocre life without him? And, like, casually rubbing elbows with the guy who did the thing he wasn’t ready to do just a few months ago? And, like, casually yukking it up with everyone about the Season 13 finale as if he didn’t get his heart broken on national television? That hypothetical scenario would be something.

Anyway, that’s enough Peter talk (just kidding, there’s actually no such thing as enough Peter talk). Here's a photo of Rachel, Bryan, Raven, and Adam being all adorable and stuff.

And judging from their captions, it looks like the four denizens of Bachelor Nation truly enjoyed their dinner together. Here's what Bryan had to say about the evening:

“Good times, good food, better people! So happy my boy @adam_gottschalk and @ravennicolegatesfound each other #aboutlastnight#doubledate #dallas #couplegoals#bachelornation.”

Well, isn't that sweet. Up next, we have Rachel's caption for the picture:

“A doll, a bird, a fire ball & a Colombian walk into a restaurant… #aboutlastnight #bachelornation #datenight #RnB #ifthesewallscouldtalk.”

Can anyone speak fluent wall? Because it would be really nice to find out what those restaurant walls heard that night. And last but not least, Raven had this to say about the gathering:

“4 hours at a restaurant goes by fast with people I love I'll always be grateful to Rach for cutting the guy with the doll”

Well, if “I’ll always be grateful to Rach for cutting the guy with the doll” isn’t one of the sweetest things that’s ever said about a good friend who also happens to be your current boyfriend’s ex, your ex’s ex, and your former competition on a reality dating program. And, of course, a shoutout to Adam’s spooky doll is always appreciated. Speaking of which, where is Adam Jr.? How is he doing? Will he be part of The Bachelor Winter Games? Was he invited to this dinner? Or did he turn down the offer because he’s sick of tagging along and— Wait.

Wait, wait, wait. Did Adam Jr. take the pictures? Because if so, a big kudos to AJ on what are some truly great portraits.