11 Reasons To Watch 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' If You're Not Already A Fan

Wait, you've never watched Real Housewives? Well, let me be the first to tell you that you're definitely missing out on some pretty stellar entertainment. If you're on the fence about it, let me help sway your decision with these reasons to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, if you haven't seen it yet.

Now, I have to admit that I may be a bit biased because I've been a fan of this franchise since its inception back in 2008. But nonetheless, I assure you, it really is a good show. You just have to give it a chance. It's actually quite insightful and funny. And given the direction of today's other reality shows, dare I say, it actually feels quite real.

Over the years, I've watched many cast members come and go. Many have fallen out with one another, only to become friends again in a later season. Lots of secrets have been revealed and a plethora of shade has been thrown during the past nine seasons, and still, RHOA still remains at the top of my list of things to watch.

So no matter what reason you've never tuned in to the adventures of the ladies from the peach state, here are a few reasons why you should start.

1. The Over-The-Top Glamour


One thing's for sure, the Real Housewives of Atlanta really know how to get glammed up when they go out. Whether it be just a lunch outing or full-on gala, they always do it up — big. Their outfits and makeup are always on point, and I have to admit watching them on-screen is major goals for me at times.

2. They're Career Women


Although the the title of the show may suggest otherwise, these women work and they work hard, while their husbands play in the background. It kind of makes you rethink the term "housewife" when watching. I mean, each and every one of them runs their own business and seemingly has multiple streams of income rolling in through various avenues.

3. To Learn Fluent Shade


I watch pretty much every Real Housewives franchise, and I'd have to say none are more shady that this group of ladies. The definitely know how to handle their own when it comes to a war of words. If you're not careful, you may even learn a bit of the fun lingo from these lovely ladies.

4. Epic One-Liners


As if the ongoing shade wasn't enough to make you want to tune in religiously, let me tell you that women of this franchise also have some of the most epic and unforgettable one-liners to ever grace reality television. Bloop!

5. Hunky Husbands


These women sure know how to pick 'em, both good and bad. And although most of their relationships have fallen victim to the reality TV curse, that hasn't stopped them from bringing a bit of eye candy into our lives.

6. Girl Getaways


Every season, the ladies embark on some kind of cool vacation. Whether it be just the women themselves or hubbies in tow, the Housewives certainly know how to travel in style.

7. Jaw-Dropping Drama


Now, this may sound like a bad thing, but I promise you the interactions on this show are really entertaining to watch. These women seriously know how to bring the drama while the cameras are rolling, and I'd be lying if I said it's anything short of amazing.

8. Adorable Children


Over the years, we have been privy to catching a glimpse into the personal lives of these ladies and their families. We've even watched some of them get pregnant and give birth. Then, fans have witnessed their children growing up right before our very eyes. I mean, these women have some real cutie pies on their hands.

9. Posh Pads


These Georgia peaches seem to have a serious competition going on with their houses. Throughout the years, we've watched several of them construct beautiful homes from the ground up. And although, it may have taken some quite a few years to actually complete and move in to them, they're all very stunning to look at.

10. Hair Envy


No two hair days are ever the same of RHOA. These ladies literally change their hair length and color like clockwork, and there is seemingly never a bad hair day among the entire crew.

11. The Possible Return of Nene Leakes & Kim Zolciak


Since you're not yet a fan of the show, you've never had the chance to witness the shady on-again, off-again duo known as Nene and Kim. Both ladies left the show in previous seasons to pursue other opportunities. However, execs at Bravo have reportedly been trying to get the ladies to come back for the past two seasons. However, it seems that there's recently a breakthrough, with TMZ reporting that Kim has officially signed on for Season 10.

I hope these reasons are enough to convince you to tune in to Real Housewives of Atlanta. It's still one of my favorite shows on television after eight years, because it's just that good.