These Bedroom Toys Are Inspired By 'Fifty Shades'

As we prepare for the Valentine’s Day release of Fifty Shades Darker, sex toy manufacturers are, once again, getting ready to release toys that will be the perfect companion for the sex romps you’re bound to have after watching the movie. Lovehoney, most notably, is releasing their “Fifty Shades Darker – The OfficialPleasure Collection,” which according to Lovehoney’s site is actually approved by Fifty Shades’ author E.L. James.

When the book Fifty Shades of Grey, the first in the trilogy by E.L. James, was released, it changed everything. Although those who are deeply involved in the BDSM community, were the first to criticize what Fifty Shades got wrong about BDSM, on a grander scale, it was an eye-opening experience for millions of readers who had never even conceived of such sex. My sister, for starters, literally had her mind blown, as she read each book, the first one especially, with the enthusiasm of someone discovering a deep dark secretive world that she never knew existed. It was, for many, exciting, tantalizing, and suddenly sex acts that had never been part of the mainstream, were creeping their way into the limelight.

Because there’s no doubt that Fifty Shades is on the brain of many, here are 11 Fifty Shades inspired sex toys that are going to make you a lot kinkier.


Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Mask

Fifty Shades Darker Anastasia Mask, $23, Lovehoney

If you've seen the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, then you already know that Anastasia and Christian attend some sort of masquerade ball. While the caliber of ball you might attend (you know, the one in your bedroom), won't exactly be like the one they go to, at least you can feel sexy and mysterious in this lovely mask.


Fifty Shades Darker Secret Prince Masquerade Mask

Fifty Shades Darker Secret Prince Masquerade Mask, $23, Lovehoney

And because every masquerade party needs a mysterious dark prince who may, or may not, be Christian, then obviously this mask is a must to fulfill that masquerade sexual fantasy you've been contemplating since reading the book.


Fifty Shades Darker Cuffs

Fifty Shades Darker Cuffs, $150, Lovehoney

What the Fifty Shades trilogy really offers everyone is the chance to incorporate our fantasies into our sex life. If being bound in leather cuffs is what you've been day dreaming about, then these are for you.


Fifty Shades Darker Beyond Erotic Steel Butt Plug

Fifty Shades Darker Beyond Erotic Steel Butt Plug, $60, Lovehoney

Oooh! A butt plug! Whether a partner uses this for some hot prostate stimulation or you use it during vaginal intercourse, the weight of this steel plug is going to make every other butt plug you've ever tried seem like child's play.


Fifty Shades Darker Release Together USB Rechargeable Cock Ring

Fifty Shades Darker Release Together USB Rechargeable Cock Ring, $75, Lovehoney

If you haven't tried a vibrating cock ring with your partner, it's time. In fact, the only time I've experienced a vaginal orgasm was thanks to my partner wearing a vibrating cock ring in the spooning sex position. I still get hot and bothered just thinking about it.


Red Room Mouth Gag

Red Room Mouth Gag, $90, Babeland

Well, if you're going to set up your very own Red Room of Pain, then you need a gag. This product, available at Babeland, is actually a limited edition piece, so I suggest you add it to your collection stat.


Fifty Shades Darker Kinky F*ckery Wild Couples Kit

Fifty Shades Darker Kinky F*ckery Wild Couples Kit, $60, Lovehoney

Honestly, doesn't the name alone tell you exactly what you can expect from this kit? A whole boatload of "kinky f*ckery;" the latter being a word that is highly underused in my opinion.


Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps, $20, Lovehoney

Fun fact: Some women can experience nipple orgasms! Yes! So while you're stocking up on your Fifty Shades related sex toys, definitely put these nipple clamps on your list.


Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel

Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel, $19, Lovehoney

Although I've yet to try one of these pinwheel toys, from what I've read and heard from friends, this particular item tickles and teases the senses. Run it across your partner's erogenous zones and it makes for wonderful foreplay.


Red Room Blind Fold

Red Room Blindfold, $60, Babeland

According to Lovehoney's press release regarding the most popular bondage activities, a survey of 1200 people found that wearing a blindfold is number three on the top 10 list, with 72 percent of people engaging in blindfolding during sex. And, from a fashionable standpoint, it will match that Red Room Mouth Gag.


Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit

Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit, $70, Lovehoney

Already an expert in the world of BDSM and have all the books memorized? Great! Then this kit is definitely for you. It has exactly what you need to pretend you're Anastasia and Christian — or two Anastasias and two Christians.

Even if you're not a fan of the book or movies, these particular toys are definitely worth adding to your collection of goodies. Sexual fantasies are healthy and normal, so acting them out, from time to time, isn't just fun, but it will keep your sex life exciting.