11 Strange Bodily Functions That Are Probably Nothing To Worry About​, According to Experts​

Do you pay way too much attention to the goings on in your body? Is every twinge, hiccup, and cough cause for concern? If so, you might be interested in knowing which strange bodily functions are totally normal. You know, so you can finally get some sleep at night.

Because, while it's a great idea to monitor your health and keep an eye out for signs of change, it's easy for the worry to get out of hand. "In my practice, I find that some people pay too much attention to every little ache or pain," says Dr. Scott Schreiber, in an email to Bustle. "While it cannot hurt mentioning this to the doctor, there isn't usually a concrete explanation why each and every pain occurs." Since your doctor can't always supply a reason for the twinge/hiccup/cough, it can lead to anxiety. And that's not good.

As someone who constantly thinks about all of the above, I totally understand how difficult it can be let it go. That's why it's nice to have a reminder of the things that just aren't worth worrying about. So, do you have some bizarre things happening in your body? And are you kinda worried? Read on and see if any of them are below. With any luck, it'll be something you can stop worrying about — once and for all.

1. Pee That's Neon Yellow

It's scary to stand up from peeing, only to be met with a toilet bowl full of otherworldly yellow pee. While you could be dehydrated, truly neon pee usually just means you had too many vitamins. "The extreme yellow color is riboflavin, vitamin B2," Schreiber says. "Since it is water soluble, only what is needed is absorbed and then the rest is excreted." NBD.

2. Poop That's Slightly Red

If your poop is red, think back to what you ate last night. Was it a beet salad? If so, you've got nothing to worry about. "That is just the pigment being excreted and a very normal digestive process," Schreiber says. Phew.

3. White Spots On Your Nails

If you have white speckles across you nails, you might think it's a "sign" of something bad — like a vitamin deficiency, or worse. But, as Schreiber tells me, there's no scientific evidence proving that they mean anything. So don't worry about 'em.

4. Excessive Ear Wax

It's always gross when brown earwax comes pouring out of your ears. But unless it's affecting your hearing, that wax is truly nothing to worry about. In fact, as Dr. Sheri Billing said on TheHearingDoctors.com, earwax is actually important for ear health. It moisturizes, keeps things from getting in your ears, and should really be left alone.

5. Skin Tags

If you find a skin tag on your neck, you might freak out thinking it's some kind of "growth." You'd be right, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. "They may be unsightly, [but are] just an excess outgrowth of skin tissue," Schreiber says. You can either have them removed by a dermatologist, or leave them be.

6. Loud Stomach Grumbles

Your stomach can make some pretty strange (and loud) noises, which can leave you wondering what exactly is going on in there. The answer, however, is usually "nothing." As nutrition and wellness coach Liz Blom, RD says, "Regardless of hunger, the sounds are often caused by the movement of fluid or gas moving in the intestines, and not your stomach." Not to worry.

7. Pee That Smells Aw-ful

If you've ever smelled your urine after eating asparagus, then you already know the scent can be a bit... shocking. And yet, it's totally OK. "Just another product of digestion," Schreiber says.

8. Eye Twitches

Whenever my eye twitches, I immediately assume the worst. While it can be a sign of stress, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, or eye strain, it's not a sign of a horrible health problem, according to lifestyle writer Amanda Hawkins on Good Housekeeping. "Take a few minutes to look away from your computer, try to catch up on sleep, or put the coffee down," she said. "You could also be dehydrated — so take a sip of water."

9. Jerking Awake In Bed

Ever jerk awake dramatically right when you're drifting off to sleep? If so, you experienced something called a hypnagogic or hypnic jerk. While bizarre, it isn't something that should keep you up at night. As Hawkins said, "... one theory says it happens because as your body starts to relax and your breathing slows, your brain somehow thinks you are falling instead of falling sleeping, and it wants to make sure you're aware that hey, you might be falling to your death."

10. Cracks On Your Tongue

If you spend a lot of time inspecting your tongue in the mirror, you may have noticed some lines that look like cracks. While they seem strange, it's just normal tongue anatomy, Schreiber tells me. No need to worry.

11. Shakiness At The Gym

If you've ever gotten the shakes while lifting weights at the gym, it can be a rather unnerving experience. But it's usually a-OK. "This is a neurological response to lifting a heavy object in more than typical amounts," Schreiber says. "With time and repeated effort, this resolves." So keep at it, you muscle-y thing you.

And be sure to stop worrying about every little twinge. While often hard to do, you'll feel much better if you can see that earwax, twitching eye, and skin tag and just let it go.

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