12 Fantasy Audiobooks For When You Need A Little Bit Of A Break From Real Life

Hey. Look. It's important to stay on top of the news right now. It's vital to be politically engaged. This is no time to stop listening or to mentally check out. But it's also important to close your Twitter tab every once in a while, stop obsessively reading the comments that your conservative aunt leaves on Facebook, and just take a break from social media before your poor brain melts and pours out through your ears due to stress and constant panic. Take a deep breath. Go for a long walk. And plug into some excellent fantasy audiobooks, because nothing will help you to calm down like wizards, queens, and sweeping descriptions of elf armies engaging in dragon-based warfare.

I'm not kidding. I've found, from my supremely un-scientific test group of me and me alone, that listening to a grand, epic fantasy novel is one of the few things that will stop an anxious thought-spiral in its tracks. Being transported to another world (especially if it's a world with lots of fictional history and fictional details to fictionally obsess over) is excellent when you need to escape from anxiety and despair for an hour or two. The real world will always be there when you get back. But for now, take a breath and take a break with these immersive audiobooks: