12 Maple-Flavored Things To Try This Fall If You're Over Pumpkin Spice

by Megan Grant
Courtesy of Brands

I have a confession to make: sometimes, I'm just not in the mood for pumpkin spice. Oh God it feels good to finally say that out loud. I know I'm betraying my inner basic, but girlfriend's gotta switch it up now and again. Fortunately, the autumn season is iconic of other notable flavors, namely maple. If you're a fan, I've got 11 maple-flavored things to try this fall that are so delicious, you'll be saying, "Pumpkin spice who?!"

That's not to say I'm turning my back on fall's favorite flavor. The *instant* the temperature drops one degree and I step on a crunchy leaf, I know it's fall and it's time to temporarily transition to what I've come to refer to as the Pumpkin Spice Diet — pumpkin spice lattes for breakfast, pumpkin spice bagels with cream cheese for lunch, and for dinner, I cut out the middleman and pour pumpkin spice directly into my mouth. I have no regrets.

But some days, IDK, pumpkin spice just doesn't do the trick. Maybe it's PMS. Maybe I'm feeling adventurous. Maybe I simply need to march to a different beat. If you're feeling rebellious, swap out your PSL for one of these tasty maple goodies.


Trader Joe's Maple Leaf Cookies

Trader Joe's needs no introduction, and these cookies are beyond heavenly. The maple cream filling is going to change your life. I highly recommend you enjoy them with a cup of almond milk — and whatever you do, don't tell anyone you have a box. Sharing is caring, my behind...


Maple Butter

"What do you do with it?" I hear you wondering. Spread some maple butter on your toast, put a spoonful in your oatmeal, heck! Eat out straight out of the jar, for all I care. It's amazing, and autumn is the best time to dig in.


Cotton Candy

It's the very best of the state fair and autumn combined, all coming together to form maple cotton candy — the most loved candy of dentists all over the world.


Starbucks Maple Pecan Muffin

You know one of the best ways to start your day? A maple pecan muffin. Don't forget the proper muffin technique: eat the bottom first and save the top for last. This is required by law.


Trader Joe's Crunchy Maple Ladders Cereal

Breakfast is such a bore some mornings. Oatmeal or toast, toast or oatmeal. If you want to spice things up this fall with something that isn't pumpkin-flavored, Maple Ladders aren't a bad decision. And you guys? They're baby ladders. Let's talk about this.


Halo Top Vanilla Maple Vegan Ice Cream

Who eats ice cream when the weather gets cold?! That would be... everyone. It's always a good time for Halo Top — especially dairy-free vanilla maple Halo Top. I can hear you laughing at how basic I am right now, but I'm too comfortable in my Uggs and enjoying my vegan ice cream to really care.


Brach's Maple Candy Corn

Junkfoodmom on Instagram found these at CVS, but full disclosure: I haven't yet located these online. (FWIW, Brach's has another maple-flavored treat: Maple Nut Goodies.)

Junkfoodmom described the taste of this candy corn as the "last bite of pancake that’s been on your plate, sitting and absorbing syrup." Do with that what you will. Personally, I love that last soggy bite. Personally, I also happen to hate candy corn. I'm torn, really.


Maple Sugar Hard Candy

These maple candies are exactly what we need this season. These are perfect as an after-dinner treat, or after lunch, or any time between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep.


Starbucks Maple Pecan Latte

You can't *fully* enjoy any of these treats unless you wash them down with the right beverage. That's where the maple pecan latte from Starbucks comes in. It's rich, it's sweet, it's buttery, it's topped with crunchy sugar.


Krispy Kreme Maple Iced Glazed Doughnut

Krispy Kreme flat-out says on their website that the doughnut doesn't even contain real maple, but now's not the time to be picky. If there were ever a moment to sink your teeth into a warm, squishy maple doughnut, now would be it.


Bobo's Maple Pecan Oat Bar

Bobo's bars are wholesome and delicious and perfect for the fall season, thanks to their maple pecan oat bar. Whether you want a light breakfast or a midday pick-me-up, their oat bars are a smart choice. I can also confirm they fit comfortably into most small clutch purses, so there's that.


Maple Bourbon Boursin Cheese

Maple syrup and cheese had a baby, and its this delicious Maple Bourbon Boursin. If you're not entirely sick of pumpkin spice, maybe get creative and dip Trader Joe's famous Pumpkin Soup Crackers into it — not that it even needs a vehicle. You may just be eating this delicious concoction on its own.