Here Are The Beauty Resolutions 12 Different Women Are Making In 2018

Nikia Phoenix/Instagram

2018 is nearly upon us, which means it's almost time for one thing: New Year's resolutions. While resolutions get a bit of a bad rap for being unsustainable (at least, that's what history tells us), the beginning of a new year is still a good time to re-evaluate your habits and goals when it comes to your health, your career, your relationships, and even your beauty routine.

Beauty-related New Year's resolutions tend to be low-commitment, which is good news for choosing something you can actually keep up with. And even if you do fall off the wagon, you can always hop back on with renewed intention later on in the year.

Plus, for many people, beauty habits are a form of self-care, which is always a worthwhile goal (whether it's New Year's or not). Maybe that means dedicating a few minutes every night to wash your face and moisturize your skin, or setting aside one night a week to kick back in a sheet mask.

Here's how 12 women are changing or upgrading their beauty routines in 2018. They just might inspire you to think about making your own skin or hair care resolution (or just join in on one of theirs).

1. Work On Your Brow (And Lash) Game

Lindsay Hanz (@thedenveryogi), Yogi & Assistant Manager, Lululemon

"My New Year's beauty resolution is to work on letting my eyebrows fill in and grow longer lashes," says Lindsay Hanz. "This means no tweezing in between monthly eyebrow appointments, no plucking the sparse hairs that (hopefully) start growing on my inner brow no matter how tempted I am, and using hair growth serum day and night…on my inner brow and my top and bottom lash line."

Hanz sought out an all-natural serum, and landed on Plume's. "Last year I made the switch to using only natural makeup products, so it’s important to me that I use an eyebrow and lash serum that falls into that category as well," she says.

2. Stay Consistent With Your Skin Care Regimen

Chanel Moye (@itsmoye), Head of Digital, Models 1

After finally mastering her skin and hair care routine in 2017, Chanel Moye's focusing on sticking with it for the new year. "I finally have an awesome set of products that are my go-to's, so for 2018, my beauty resolution is staying consistent. In order to keep your skin and healthy and promote hair growth, you have to stick to your regimen," she says.

"[For me], that means always washing my face before bed and moisturizing my natural fro as much as possible in and out of its protective styles," she says. She makes it easy on herself by keeping her products in plain sight on her bathroom counter. "I’m not one for clutter, but if I know I’ll have to dig around for what I need, I won’t bother," she says.

She's also going to schedule her hair and facial appointments four to six weeks ahead of time in the new year. "There’s no shame in shaping your social calendar around your self-care," she says.

3. Make #MaskMonday A Weekly Ritual

Megan Young (@positively.megan), Preschool Inclusion Teacher

Megan Young's combining her beauty habits with self-care in the new year. "In 2018, I plan on honoring the magic and sheer ease of #maskmonday," she says. "To come home from a busy day in my classroom, get into some cozy clothes, light a candle, and put on a mask sounds so dreamy — like a scheduled post-teaching spa day every week!"

She's also going to use it as a new opportunity to fall in love with some new products. "The best part is I can try a new mask every Monday... talk about Monday motivation! I'll be rushing home just for this," she says.

4. Save $$$ With DIY Beauty Treatments

Cara Whitaker (@carawhitaker), Financial Analyst

Cara Whitaker's over-arching New Year's resolution is to save money, so when it comes to her beauty routine, this means trying more DIY beauty treatments and inexpensive product hacks. "I just bought a house, so I’m trying to find areas to be more frugal," she says. "I’ve realized that DIY beauty products can be fun, cheap, and can give you some amazing results!"

One of her biggest secrets: Rather than having her brows professionally colored like she used to, she's all about using men's beard dye from drugstores on her brows. (Shhh.)

5. Work On Managing Adult Acne

Emily Martin (@emart92), Project Accountant

"My beauty New Year's resolution is to deal with my adult acne as soon as possible — this is my main priority in 2018," says Emily Martin. "I plan to do this by finding the right products that are not too harsh on my skin, always removing my makeup before I go to bed, and drinking a lot of fresh water — at least two or three liters [a day]," she says.

Handling adult acne requires consistency and patience, but in the name of her dream skin, Martin's officially making the commitment in the new year.

6. Get More Zzz's

Diana Mitrea (, Personal Trainer and Co-Founder, Stronger With Time

Diana Mitrea is committed to getting more shut-eye in the new year. "I always do better when I get my beauty sleep," she says. Sleep is incredibly important for skin health — that's when DNA damage to skin is repaired, so a sleep-deprived complexion can look dull and, well, tired.

To make it happen, "I need to turn off my phone and TV earlier and get those zzz’s so I can feel better during the day," says Mitrea. "I gave up caffeine a while ago, and that helped a lot with my sleep, but I just need to put more hours in."

And while sleeping does make a big difference in skin health, Mitrea's New Year's resolution isn't just about her complexion. "My mind is sharper when I get more sleep and I can also work out harder," she adds.

7. Pare Down Your Product Collection

Samantha Hubbard (@samantha_hubb), Founder and Managing Director, H2 Creative Group

As a product junkie, Samantha Hubbard is going to work on simplifying her skin care routine for 2018.

"They say there are two types of people: Those who feel joy from opening a brand new jar of peanut butter and those who feel joy as they scrape the bottom clean to finish off the last of the peanut butter," says Hubbard. "I am most definitely the first kind of person, and there is no greater example of that than with my beauty products. My drawers are filled with half-finished samples and products I was so excited to try, but were soon forgotten with the arrival of something new."

This means some spring (or, rather, winter) cleaning is in order. "I am always trying new things, and while that has been fun, I am ready to simplify my beauty routine into a consistent daily plan. For my New Year's resolution, I have picked my favorite things — a cleanser, a toner, a vitamin C serum, a moisturizer with sunscreen for the morning, and a night cream — to use every day and night until I finish the last drop!" Because scraping the bottom of a jar is pretty satisfying, too.

8. Take Care Of Your Skin From The Inside Out

Nikia Phoenix (@nikiaphoenix), Model and Founder, Black Girl Beautiful

Nikia Phoenix is focusing on caring for her skin from the inside out in 2018. "It’s not only about the products that I use, but also what I’m putting into my body and how I’m taking care of myself that makes a difference," she says.

"I’m definitely going to take eat healthier and try supplements like goopglow to take care of my skin from inside out," Phoenix adds. "And I definitely need to cut down on the stress and increase the self-love." (Which is always a good idea.)

9. Drink More Water

Jocelyn Runice (@jocelynrunice), Motion Designer and Animator for Snapchat Discover, Teen Vogue

"In 2018, my resolution is to drink a lot more water every day in an effort to get my skin under control," says Jocelyn Runice. "Of course water isn't the entire solution, but it's a start! Plus, water has a lot of additional everyday health benefits, so this is something that's long overdue."

Runice has a strategy for making her H20 goal happen. "I've started to put a bunch of reusable water bottles everywhere — my room, my desk at the office, in my gym bag, one in most every purse — the thinking being that I'll drink more often if a bottle is easily accessible."

10. Up Your Skin Care Game With #Adult Products

Audrey Bruno (@feedmenewyork), Freelance Writer

Audrey Bruno is embracing the #adulting in 2018 by upgrading her skin care routine. "I'm turning ~25~ this year, so my beauty New Year's resolution is all about skin care. I started taking my skin care routine way more seriously last year (which mainly means I finally started using daily SPF). But this year I'm kicking it into overdrive," she says.

She's taking full advantage of holiday gifting this year to fulfill her New Year's resolution. "75 percent of the Christmas presents I asked for are skin care products: this SPF mist spray so I can be properly SPF'd all day long, this retinoid emulsion to keep my forehead wrinkles at bay, and this $53 exfoliating face wash, because I will finally defeat my blackheads!"

11. Actually Taking Your Makeup Off At Night

Amanda Becker (@amanda_bex), Digital Graphic Designer

Amanda Becker's establishing some simple new skin and hair care habits in the new year. "I’ve always had pretty good skin, but I want to take time to invest in myself to make sure everything stays in tip top shape," says Becker. "I’ve started experimenting with a regimen that works for me, and I'm committing time to take care of myself."

Rather than overwhelm her routine with endless steps that seem impossible to keep up with, she's sticking to the skin care basics. "I’m starting simple, which means I'll take my makeup off and wash my face every night," she says. She likes Garnier's micellar water to remove stubborn products. She's also committed to using moisturizer in the winter and sunscreen in the summer.

12. Stay Moisturized And Skip Foundation Every Once In A While

Lindsay Pierce (@lindspie), Assistant Manager of Brand Communications, L’Oréal Paris

In the new year, Lindsay Pierce is focusing on staying hydrated and moisturizing her skin — she loves the new L’Oréal Paris LUMI Glotion for a little touch of highlight. "It’s super moisturizing with just the right amount of coverage (and glow)," she says.

"I also love foundation, but it’s nice to skip it once in a while — definitely a skin detox goal of mine," she adds. "The older I get, the more I value a good skin care routine — the more consistent you are with your skin care, the more effective the results."

She's also thinking about making a hair change. "I’ve been wanting to go darker for some time now, but I’ve been nervous to do it," she says. "This might be the year I take the plunge!" After all, the start of the new year is the perfect time to take a beauty risk.

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