13 Affordable Prom Dresses Under $75

When it comes to prom, there are no rules, unless of course your school has a dress code. Personal style is super important, especially when it comes to big events like prom, but you don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous. Affordable prom dresses under $75 will help you look enchanting without breaking the bank, because not everyone has an extra couple hundred dollars lying around.

Prom marks the end of your school year — and if it's your senior prom, it celebrates the bright future ahead. No matter whether you're going to college, taking a year out to work, entering the workforce full-time, or going traveling, prom symbolizes the end of an era. So if you're going to prom, you sure as heck want to look amazing because these memories will last a lifetime. Not to mention the photos. Prom is likely one of the most photographed events in your life, so if you're not quite feeling your outfit, this will probably translate to the pictures.

Sure, some expensive prom dresses are totally worth the money, but there are some pricey ones that look almost exactly the same as their more affordable counterparts. You don't want to start the next chapter of your life owing your parents money for an expensive dress you might only wear once.

So here are some stunning, yet affordable, prom dresses under $75 so you can look gorgeous without worrying about the price tag.

1. The Ruffled Romantic One

Boohoo Ruffle Detail Maxi Dress, $53,

This pretty dress is perfect for girly girls who love all things pink.

2. The Black Maxi

Asos Curve Maxi Dress With Strap Back And Choker Neck Detail, $64,

If looking utterly chic is the aim of your prom game, this black maxi dress will surely deliver.

3. The Scarlet Red Carpet Style

Bethany Lace Scallop Maxi Dress, $31,

A lacy maxi dress in a stunning scarlet shade is a rad choice for those attending a black tie themed prom.

4. The Embellished Fuchsia Frock

Special Occasion Embellished Taffeta Dress, $62.98,

Add a little sparkle to your ensemble with an embellished neckline. Added bonus: You won't need to buy a necklace, meaning you'll save even more money.

5. The Butterfly Print

Silvia Sateen Butterfly Print Fit And Flare Dress, $37,

A charming butterfly print and a sateen finish will help you stand out from the crowd.

6. The Velvet One

Smooth Operator Velvet Dress, $30,

Make a nod to Courtney Love with this edgy, rose colored dress.

7. The Cold Shoulder Style

Asos Curve Cold Shoulder Midi Dress, $49,

It's likely to be pretty balmy when prom comes around, so stay cool in a cute, cold shoulder midi.

8. The Floral Frock

Anouk Floral Chiffon Wrap Maxi Dress, $31,

This delightful, floral print dress is equal parts demure and sassy with its contrasting maxi length and plunging neckline. Plus it exudes major The Virgin Suicides vibes if that's the prom look you're going for.

9. The Strapless Style

Boutique Sia Mesh Rouched Plunge Maxi Dress, $42,

A popular prom dress trend from the early '00s, this classic strapless style lives on and is still as relevant today as it was fifteen years ago.

10. The Layered Tulle Dress

Asos Curve Tulle Layered Midi Dress, $53,

Floaty fabrics like tulle and chiffon are huge in the occasion wear world right now, so trendy prom goers may want to embrace this ethereal trend.

11. The Sweetheart Mini

Strapless A-Line Dress, $16.45,

Keep your dress simple and add a flourish of your personality with a bunch of eclectic accessories.

12. The Secret Nerd Girl Dress

DC Formal Batman Organza Swing Dress, $54.98,

From afar, this clever dress looks like a classic LBD, but when you get up close and personal with it, you can spot the Batman inspired details like the velvet flocked bat print.

13. The Lacy Skater

Floral Lace Skater Dress, $27.90,

This demure dress will have everyone thinking that butter wouldn't melt, even if you're planning some mischievous prom pranks.

Money needn't be an issue when shopping for a prom dress. So set yourself a realistic budget and have fun — you're already making memories.

Images: Courtesy Brands