13 Feminist Memes To Share For Planned Parenthood's Pink Out Day

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you haven't yet heard, Wednesday, March 29, is what Planned Parenthood has dubbed Pink Out Day — a day to show support for the organization, which has been facing threats of federal defunding under the Trump administration. Planned Parenthood is the largest reproductive healthcare provider in the U.S. (they serve more than 2.5 million people annually), and tons of women rely on PP for convenient, affordable healthcare. They offer so many crucial services — everything from pap smears to breast exams to STI screenings — but because they also offer abortions, pro-lifers are willing to pull the plug on the entire organization.

So what can we do to help ensure that Planned Parenthood's doors stay open so they're able to continue providing women with the reproductive healthcare they need? Obviously, volunteering for or donating to Planned Parenthood is always a good idea, but if you want to *literally* show your support, participating in Pink Out Day is the perfect place to start! On March 29, flaunt your pinkiest pinks to let others know you stand in solidarity with PP, and become part of the visual representation of all the Americans who support Planned Parenthood. You can even use the #PinkOut hashtag on social media to share your all-pink-everything ensemble, or temporarily pink-ify your Facebook profile picture.

And if you just want to inject a little humor into the day, here are 13 pro-choice, pro-feminist, and pro-Planned Parenthood memes that you can share on social media today to join the Pink Out and show your support for Planned Parenthood.

Meryl-Approved Message
Consider Yourself Feminist-ed
Notorious RBG
This Inspiring Advice
Be A Loud And Proud Feminist
An Important Lesson
No One Should Have To Hide
Laughing Through The Pain
Mutual Respect Is Key
That Face Though
That 70s Feminist Lesson
Yas, Hillary
The Truest Protest Sign Of All

No matter where you're located, find feminist camaraderie on Pink Out Day by wearing your pinkest outfit in honor of Planned Parenthood!