13 Millennial Women Who Make $60k Share How They Spend & Save Their Money

Money is a feminist issue — and yet, women are still reluctant to talk about it. According to a recent Bustle survey of more than 1,000 Millennial women, more than 50 percent of people said they never discuss personal finances with friends, even though 28 percent reported feeling stressed out about money every single day. Bustle's Get Money series gets real about what Millennial women are doing with their money, and why — because managing your finances should feel empowering, not intimidating.          

As you probably know from life experience, everyone spends and saves their money in different ways. But what about those who all make the same salary? "Make choices today that align with where you want to be in 10 years," Leanne Jacobs, MBA, wealth expert, and author of Beautiful Money: The 4-Week Total Wealth Makeover, tells Bustle. "Many women leave today's choices and spending patterns to their feelings and impulses. This leads to burnt out and broke! Make choices today that are worthy of an empire and amazing lifestyle. You may want the expensive accessory or luxury resort vacation, but wouldn't you rather prioritize your longevity as it relates to health and your home? Today's financial choices will determine where you will be in 10 years."

In-te-rest-ing, right?! These 13 Millennial women explained how they spend and save their money — and they all make roughly the same salary. Are they more in the spending camp? Or in the saving one? Or a good balance of both, so to speak? Here's what I found out from the 13 Millennial women who all make the same salary, approximately $60,000.

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1Colleen, 27


2Stephanie, 32

3Melissa, 31

4Casey, 25


5Jessica, 27

6Shelby, 26

7Danielle, 23


8Anna, 26

9Emmy, 26

10Christina, 33


11Lindy, 26

12Samantha, 28

13Kathy, 30

Hannah Burton/Bustle

So... can you relate to any of the female Millennials above? I know I can! Jacobs shared some final thoughts on money matters, because everyone can use an extra tip or two when it comes to saving money, right?! "Think outside the investment box," she says. "Investments that were top choices a decade ago are not always the wisest. Consider thinking outside of the box to align yourself with what will be hot and holistic down the road. Consider starting a home-based business, a real estate portfolio, or an online business. Starting small and simple is a wise choice. Even if you have a corporate career, everyone should give entrepreneurism a chance."

OK, all that talk about spending and saving is inspiring me to go check my budget. Hopefully, it's done the same for you.

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