13 Things 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Need While They Wait For Season 8 To Premiere

After Game of Thrones Season 7 wrapped, fans were already eager for more. What will happen with the ice dragon? What of Cersei already plotting to break her promise to fight the Night King's army? Are Jon and Daenerys going to happen for real? Until the answers are revealed, there are many things Game of Thrones fans needs while waiting for Season 8. Some of them are answers to the series' greatest mysteries, of course, but there are plenty of other things to focus on.

For example: An invitation to Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding. Jon Snow and Ygritte's portrayers are getting married in real life, and you're not a true Game of Thrones obsessive if you aren't looking up everything in your power about the Westerosi wedding of the year. There's also Sophie Turner's upcoming wedding to Joe Jonas, but they're keeping those details tightly under wraps.

From toys to a Game of Thrones-inspired cookbook and beyond, there are so many ways fans can celebrate their fandom. And they need it, too: Game of Thrones Season 8 likely won't premiere until January 2019, at the earliest. So, until then, these are the 13 things every Game of Thrones superfan has to have before Season 8 premieres. Consider it a beginner list, because the real limit does not exist.

1. This Rug From IKEA


How do the Wildings, the Starks, and generally anyone trying to keep warm in the North do it? With the use of this fluffy area rug from IKEA, of course. Really! In an interview at the Getty museum in Los Angeles in May 2016, lead Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton revealed that she achieves the bulky, cozy look of Game of Thrones-style outerwear by dyeing IKEA throw rugs. Whether you choose to lay yours on the floor or turn it into clothing is up to you.

2. The Funko POP 'Game Of Thrones' Collecton

pop_worldusa on Twitter

No dresser, desk, or altar is complete without a Game of Thrones Funko POP toy. They make so many of them! Your only problem will be how to choose. Maybe one for every room, or a toy for every season? After all, a lot of the characters go through major physical transformations. You don't want your Funko POPs to go out of date, right?

3. A Cookbook Inspired By 'Game Of Thrones'


To read any page of Game of Thrones is like being trapped in a non-stop description of the feast scene at the beginning of the Hobbit. With all the cooking and eating and mead-drinking, when do these characters find time to do anything else? While you can't learn how to become a magical assassin like Arya and the Faceless Men, you can at least learn how to cook a proper lemon cake for Sansa with a cookbook inspired by Game of Thrones. Try to avoid the urge to bake your enemies into it, though.

4. Wigs To Help Channel Your Inner Khaleesi


When you want to breathe fire, but you're having trouble finding your sense of self, pop on a platinum wig inspired by Khaleesi. You'll be able to channel a new source of strength just by looking in the mirror. Or just wear it at home when you need a pick-me-up. No judgments here.

5. Kit Harington & Rose Leslie's Wedding Announcement, Framed For Your Desk

elliotwagland on Twitter

Two Game of Thrones actors and cave intimacy-having badasses (Jon Snow + Ygritte 4ever) are getting married IRL, and nothing on Earth has ever been as cute. They announced the wedding with a simple ad in the paper, and only later was it revealed that Harington be inviting everyone from Game of Thrones. If you can't make it, and probably because you were not (yet!) invited, keep love alive with a framed version of their wedding announcement. Goals.

6. Stuffed Animal Dragons That Won't Be Murdered By White Walkers


Whether you're the Mother of Dragons or just an aspiring one, you deserve to snuggle with stuffed animal dragons. They'll keep you warm during the Long Night, and they won't be murdered by White Walkers and then become ice dragons, because, seriously, what was that about? If you buy ones small enough to keep on your shoulder, you can intimidate your enemies, particularly if they underestimate their power.

7. The 'Carpool Karaoke' Episode With Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams

The Late Late Show with James Corden on YouTube

Sure, Turner and Williams play sparring sisters on the show. Until Season 7, it had been literal years since they'd even shared a scene! Amazingly, though, the two bonded instantly IRL, and remain best friends (and future bridesmaids) today. The Stark sisters appeared in an episode of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke together, and the video is sure to bring a smile to your face on even the cloudiest of days.

8. Endless GIFs Of Dogs You Can Pretend Are Direwolves


Direwolves aren't real (sorry), and wolf-dogs are only legal to keep as pets in Colorado. Until the great Ghost (and potentially, Nymeria) return to the screen, soothe your Direwolf-loving heart by watching endless GIFs of fluffy, cuddly dogs you can pretend are the Stark sigil.

9. An Ornate Wine Chalice


Only wine-soaked Cersei Lannister could make sniffing a cup look villainous. Reenact this yourself with a golden glass you can fill with the most expensive wines in the land. Or, Franzia. Some of us have to ball on a budget - not everyone has that Lannister gold.

10. Plane Tickets To Croatia


Walk the streets of the real King's Landing firsthand in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It's just one of HBO's numerous Croatian filming locations for Game of Thrones. Wildfire not included, though it's smart to play it safe while you're there.

11. This 'Red Nose Day Game Of Thrones' Musical Video

Coldplay on YouTube

The Game of Thrones cast teamed up with Coldplay (yes, the band) to film a short video for a fundraiser. In the clip, Coldplay's GoT-inspired musical gets a little help from the cast of the show, and it's... spectacular. Watch out for the spooky glance between the actors who portray Ramsay Bolton and Theon Greyjoy, but the real highlight is obviously Kit Harington singing "Wildling," a parody of "Wild Thing."

12. Box Sets Of 'A Song Of Ice & Fire' To Revisit Between Seasons


Now, when someone asks you, "Well, have you read the books?" you'll be able to say definitively that yes, yes you have. Maybe by the time you work through the existing ones, George R. R. Martin will have finished the series. It could happen!

13. Push Notifications Every Time Emilia Clarke Posts An Instagram

emilia_clarke on Instagram

Emilia Clarke might play the fiercely fearsome Khaleesi on Game of Thrones, but behind-the-scenes, she's anything but. Clarke delights in filming her costars goofing around on and off set, and you never know when she might bless her followers with a video of the stoic Kit Harington pretending to be a dragon.

This is some of the many things Game of Thrones fans should check out before Season 8 premieres. But of course, the number one thing fans want is the Season 8 premiere date, announced and confirmed by HBO — which will hopefully be announced soon.