Just Like 'Supermarket Sweep,’ These Other '90s Game Shows Need A Comeback ASAP

by Amy Roberts

You might have heard that the classic '90s game show Supermarket Sweep is making a return to TV. It's seriously fantastic news, especially for those of us who spent much of our childhood dreaming about scoring cash prizes by throwing slabs of ham into a shopping cart. But now that Supermarket Sweep is returning, there's a lot other '90s game shows that deserve a comeback, too, and we need to talk about them. Hell, we need to demand that they return to our televisions, too.

Because it isn't enough to simply watch fuzzy VHS transfers of '90s game show episodes on YouTube to get our fix of these shows. Nor is it enough for these game shows to be brought back as one-off special events or movies. These are game shows that would exist perfectly in 2017, and that could benefit from modernization. Be it the fact that these shows could utilize some new technology to great advantage, would feel unique in a culture so thoroughly different to how things were in the '90s, or could benefit from the enthusiasm of adults who grew up watching the original series — these game shows deserve a comeback.

Fingers at the buzzers, ladies and gentlemen. Let's see what needs to make a return.


'Shop 'Til You Drop'

Shop 'Til You Drop was basically the mall-based sibling of Supermarket Sweep. Honestly, it was just as fun.


'Nick Arcade'

In addition to featuring trivia rounds and video game challenges, Nick Arcade was also notable for a dazzling final round in which kids got to act as a character in an actual game. What self-respecting gamer wouldn't want to be part of that in 2017?


'Hollywood Squares'

Though Ice Cube successfully developed a hip-hop reboot of Hollywood Squares for VH1 called Hip Hop Squares this past year, the show is still beloved and greatly missed. It was classic daytime and after-school family viewing. Plus, the '90s version was actually a remake of the '60s original, so it wouldn't be out of the question to do another version.


'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?'

This was probably one of the smartest kids quiz shows of the '90s, while still maintaining a sense of fun. The world desperately needs to hunt down Carmen Sandiego via this game show again today. While Gina Rodriguez is set to voice Carmen in an upcoming Netflix cartoon, it's not quite the same.


'Singled Out'

Sure, this classic MTV dating show could do with some modern adjustments (can we have some LGBTQ representation up in here, please?) but don't pretend like you wouldn't watch the hell out of it if it returned.


'Nickelodeon Guts'

Still the greatest sports game show of all time. They should bring it back, specifically so that the adults who grew up dreaming about being on the show may finally have their chance to climb to the top of the Super Aggro Crag.


'Remote Control'

Airing on MTV in the late '80s and early '90s, this was the music channel's first game show, and it was kind of great. Combining casual, irreverent humor, and celebrity guests (including regular appearances from a young Adam Sandler), a modernized version of this pop culture game show would be too much fun.


'Legends Of The Hidden Temple'

Sure, they made a movie about it, but what we all wanted was a straight-up revival of this completely perfect adventure game show for kids. Except, they should totally allow overgrown children like ourselves to compete now.


'The Dating Game'

In times of dating apps and casual hook-ups slipped into DMs, The Dating Game feels incredibly twee and outdated. But that's also kind of why we need it back — that's if any of us can remember how to do the whole pre-dating thing face-to-face anymore.


'Figure It Out'

A short-lived revival of this awesome panel show (that featured talented kids alongside Nickelodeon celebrities) happened in 2012. But we can still make it work, guys. Come back to our television.


'Win Ben Stein's Money'

As a prolific actor, lawyer, and economist, Stein was perfect as the foil for this surprisingly fun game show. Frankly, money's tight right now and most of us would happily answer general knowledge questions in return for some of Stein's cash.


'Video Power'

Worth bringing back to TV for that jaw-dropping theme song alone. But also, Video Power just happened to be the greatest video games trivia show that involved a Velcro based obstacle course that was ever made.


'Nick Or Treat'

Alright, so this one was always a one-off seasonal special which required the use of touch-tone phones, but it's still great enough to bring back. Nick Or Treat was a live virtual trick-or-treat based game where kids "rang doorbells" of virtual houses in order to win prizes. It was simple, but oddly compelling.


'Double Dare'

Double Dare came back for a live event at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016, but it only made fans want to see even more from this utterly gross game show classic as an actual revived TV show.

At this point, most of us would likely happily participate on any — or all — of these game shows, even if they didn't come with the promise of lucrative prizes attached. The real prize would be just for any of these game shows to make a full time return to television again. Make it happen, TV gods.