15 Bra Extenders In A Variety Of Colors

Bra lovers of the world will be well acquainted with the elation at finding the perfect bra. However, if you find a bra that's perfect apart from being a tad too tight in the back, bra extenders in a variety of colors will save the day. Of course, you could just buy a bra in your exact size, but let's be real: There are times when you have no alternative but to use a bra extender.

One occasion is when you find the most divine brassiere that's in a huge sale — you couldn't afford it at full price, unless you wanted to put your apartment up on Airbnb for a month and move back in with your parents — but it doesn't quite fit around your back. Fear not, lingerie queen! A bra extender will give you that little bit of extra wiggle room, so you can take your new prized possession home with you instead of leaving it on the sale rail.

In addition to this, you probably know by now that bodies tend to fluctuate in size, so if your boobs have grown don't throw out all your favorite bras just yet, use bra extenders instead. This also goes for ladies who are expecting; sure, there'll likely come a time when you can't fit into any of your bras, but in the meantime you can experiment with bra extenders.

So here's a bunch of bra extenders in a spectrum of colors to breathe new life into your tight bras.

1. The Traditional White

Women's Multi Pack Bra Extender, $6, Amazon

IMO, white bra extenders should be a staple in every bra wearer's lingerie drawer, because I've yet to meet a bra wearing human who doesn't own a white brassiere.

2. The Classic Black

Closecret Women’s 3 Rows 3/4 inch Long-line Bra Corset Back Extender 8 — 14 Hooks, $10, Amazon

Black bra extenders are second only to white ones — anybody who hates doing laundry and has ruined more white lingerie than they care to admit, likely has at least one black bra.

3. The Grey Style

3 Positions Hooks Women Underwear Bra Adjustable Strap Extender Buckle Hook, $4, Amazon

Minimalists with a monochrome wardrobe will probably benefit from having a grey bra extender (or three) to hand.

4. The Seductive Scarlet

Sunward Three Rows Two Buckle Elastic Bra Lengthened Buckle Extension Bra Buckle, $2, Amazon

Is it just me, or is red lingerie the sexiest of them all?

5. The Classy Navy

Lalago Women’s Multicolor 3 Rows 4 Hook Bra Extender 3 Pack, $6, Amazon

It would be such a shame to have to donate or throw out your elegant navy bra when you could pop a bra extender on it instead.

6. The Baby Pink

Uxcell Lady Elastic 3 Rows 3 Hooks Clip on Strap Bra Extender, $4, Amazon

If you're a feminine representing gal, chances are, you've got a baby pink bra in your underwear drawer.

7. The Sassy Hot Pink

Amaranth Pink Bra Extender Strap 3x3 Hooks New, $4, Amazon

Ladies who still love Barbie or adore Elle Woods' Legally Blonde style may need a hot pink bra extender in their life.

8. The Powder Blue

Useful Women's 3*3 Hooks Bra Strap Extender Extension Black, $2, Amazon

Pastel goth girls, fans of Marie Antoinette, or those who simply like the color blue may have a pastel blue bra in need of a tweak.

9. The Vibrant Orange

Lalago Women’s Multicolor 3 Rows 4 Hook Bra Extender 3 Pack, $6, Amazon

The color orange is associated with happiness, but if you've got an orange bra that you can't fit into anymore, you probably associate it with less happy feels. Return your positive vibes to your bra with some orange bra extenders.

10. The Greeny Yellow

Miuk Women's Bra Extenders 3 x 3 Hook-and-eye Tape Various Colors 3 Pcs, $6, Amazon

Don't be discouraged if your unusual colored bra no longer fits; if there's a bra extender in the shade "Grass yellow" there's sure to be one to match yours!

11. The Lovely Lilac

Nanier Womens Bra Extender 3 Pack, $7, Amazon

Get into the spring spirit with lilac bra extenders to match your purple bra.

12. The Teal Style

Lalago Women’s Bra Extender 3 Rows 6 Hook Bra Extender Strap 3 pack, $6, Amazon

Save your sumptuous teal bra with a coordinating bra extender.

13. The Elastic Extenders

3pcs Woman 2 x 2 Hook and Eye Tape Elastic Extension Bra Extender Black, $4, Amazon

These stretchy, elastic bra extenders will come in handy for expectant mothers and their blooming busts.

14. The Neon Green

Lalago 3x2 Hook Bra Extender Women’s Multicolor Bra Strap Extender 3 pack, $6, Amazon

You needn't hang up your old rave bra just yet! Attach a neon bra extender to it instead so you can carry on partying in true '90s kid style. Because there's no age limit to having fun.

15. The Full Set

EBoot 18 Pieces Bra Strap Extender Lady's Bra Extenders Extension Bra Breathing Room 3 Rows 2 Hooks 18 Colors, $7, Amazon

Avid bra collectors can breathe easy again knowing that many of their bras will probably still be wearable, with this collection of different colored bra extenders.

Help put an end to society's throw away mindset and make do and mend by elongating the life of your bras with bra extenders — your boobs and your general comfort level will thank you for it.

Images: Courtesy Brands