15 GIFs That Are You On Winter Break


Winter break is upon us, with schools letting out for the holidays and people taking time off from work —  and these GIFs that are you on winter break likely sum up to perfection what you plan on doing with all your spare time. My own agenda is packed with a ton of nothing, nothing, nothing, and — oh look! — nothing. 'Tis the season and all, right?

Whether you're in school or not, winter break is always much needed. By December, we're exhausted from the last year (and in 2016's case... well, let's just say it's been an extra-exhausting year); and a break from reality is just what the doctor ordered so we can reboot, recharge, and put on our game faces for 2017 — which, as we say every year, is going to be the year. We catch up on sleep, set all the resolutions we'll likely never stick to (kidding... not really...), and enjoy some quality R&R with the people we love. In my case, that's my dogs. Although they love my fiance way more, even if they won't admit it.

Some of us might be jetsetting to a warmer location. Others might be basking in quiet time at home. Whatever your plans may be, I'd be willing to bet you can relate to at least one of these GIFs that are totally you on winter break.

1Never Putting On A Bra


FREEDOM! (I mean, yes, obviously you can choose not to wear a bra whenever you like, or at all... but it's extra sweet when it's combined with vacation.)

2Not Setting An Alarm


You can't make me.

3"Forgetting" To Check Your Email


4,596 unread messages? My bad.

4Passing On Shaving Your Legs


Again, you can always pass on shaving... but also again, doing so is even better over winter break. It's like you have leg sweaters.

5Marathoning Your Favorite Shows And Movies


What good is winter break if you can spend part of it camped in front of the tube?

6Eating Dessert... With Every Meal


On a scale of one to this baby, I'd say I'm at about an 8.5. And you?

7Indulging In Delicious Holiday Drinks


Hello from the coffee side.

8Wearing Nothing But Leggings


What's that? You thought we'd be swapping out leggings for sweats? HAHA JOKE'S ON YOU! #IDontCareWhatAnyoneSaysLeggingsArePants

9Attempting Holiday-Themed Makeup Tutorials


Yeah. Let's not.

10Whipping Up A Batch Of Fresh Eggnog


Or as my friends like to call it, Alcohol With A Bit Of Egg.

11Brainstorming Your Upcoming Resolutions


Be honest with yourself: You know you're not actually going to give up Facebook. But points for effort.

12Hitting The Gym...


...Or... something. I mean, we're always like, "Totes gonna go to yoga every day over break"; by "yoga," though, we clearly meant the kitchen. It's legit, though, so hey, you do you.

13Catching Up On Your Reading List


If my book is open, you are not speaking.

14Baking All Your Favorite Holiday Desserts


I decorated cake pops for the first time this year. They looked like aliens. It was awesome.

15Committing To A Bunch Of Parties And Never Going


They always sound fun when they're a month out. Then the night of... no. Just no. Staying in is the new going out, right?