All ‘90s Kids Lived For These Life Milestones

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In our youth, everything was new territory. Our lives were changing each day as we stumbled upon new experiences and navigated the rocky road called life. There were milestones all '90s kids lived for, so specific to that decade that kids today would probably scratch their heads and get back to their Snapchat and Starbucks. We had toys to buy, clothes to wear, crushes to make out with, and R-rated movies to sneak in to. Being a '90s kid wasn't all fun and games (although it was really fun).

I sometimes miss the newness of being a kid. Sure, having a stable and largely predictable life brings with it a sense of comfort. As we age, we find peace and balance, and really get into our groove. Being young brings with it a sense of urgency, where everything has the potential to either make you the happiest person in the world or completely destroy your life. It was exhausting; but it was life. And we craved the adrenaline of hitting new milestones.

These days, my big milestones involve paying off my student loan debt and publishing a book. As a kid, well, let's just say things looked just a little bit different.


Getting A Note In Your Locker From Your Crush For The First Time

Nothing beat that feeling of approaching your locker and seeing a folded up piece of paper crammed in the slots. Best. Day. Ever.


Your First Pair Of Light-Up Shoes

Everyone in the hall couldn't help but stop and stare in awe. A hush fell upon the crowd. Teachers gasped quietly to themselves. It was simply magical.


Getting Your Ears Pierced At Claire's

It was so exciting! But so scary! But so exciting! You were the coolest!


Your First Slow Dance, Probably To K-Ci & JoJo's "All My Life"

This was the song to slow-dance to, right next to "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from Aerosmith. Sigh. So romantic.


Your First Concert

Mine was the Spice Girls. I wore a Spice Girls shirt. I went with my mom. I sat in the back with a grin plastered on my face the entire time.


Sneaking To School In A Spaghetti Strap Tank Top

Even though it was totally against the rules, because the dress code said your straps had to be at least two fingers wide. So rad!


Dumping An Entire Bag Of Pop Rocks In Your Mouth

If you were feeling extra brave, you'd follow it with a swig of pop, because all the kids claimed that'd make your head explode. (Spoiler: It didn't.)


Playing 7 Minutes In Heaven At A Sleepover

Technically, you stayed in for nine minutes, because you just really enjoyed yourself.


Starting A Collection And Actually Finishing It

The '90s were all about collecting really pointless things: Beanie Babies, POGs, Precious Moments dolls. Collecting all of anything automatically catapulted you to '90s stardom.


Wearing Make-Up For The First Time

Frosted lipstick and blue eyeshadow? Tell me where to sign up.


Your First Period

Getting your period was, without doubt, a milestone in the '90s. You were horribly moody and read The Care And Keeping Of You from American Girl about 20 times.


Removing Extraneous Body Hair And Over-Tweezing Your Eyebrows In The Process

Thank goodness thin eyebrows were in. But your mother wasn't thrilled. In other news, your legs were smoother than silk (although I personally feel hairy legs provide an added layer of warmth, but whatevs. You do you, right?).


Sneaking Into 'Titanic' And Seeing Bewbs For The First Time

You weren't of age and the 'rents never knew about it. It was kind of awkward but kind of cool, but mostly awkward.


Finally Refusing To Respond To Some Silly/Terrifying Chain Email

You also slept with the lights on for the next two weeks, but no one needs to know that part.


Creating A MySpace Or LiveJournal Account

There were so many cool things you wanted to share with your followers, like the TigerBeat posters in your room or a selfie with your new Britney Spears-inspired pigtails.