These Are The *Green* Flags To Look For Early On In A Relationship

by Laken Howard

It's always good to be aware of potential red flags in a new relationship, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't also be on the lookout for green flags, aka the early signs that a new relationship is going well. Aside from the general warm and fuzzy vibes you get in the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s a great feeling when there’s a moment that genuinely endears you to your partner, and gives you hope that your relationship has real long-term potential. So what kind of things are good signs at the beginning of a relationship?

In a recent AskReddit thread, one user asked the happily coupled-up folks of Reddit to share the green flags they noticed in the beginning of their relationship that helped them realize their partner was a keeper. From the obvious — being able to communicate openly — to the totally random — surprise Taco Bell deliveries — Redditors had some seriously great green flag moments to share.

Here are 15 good signs Reddit users noticed in the beginning of their relationships that helped them decide their partner was someone they wanted to be with in the long-term. (And just for good measure, make sure you're also aware of the potential red flags in a new relationship, too.)


They Give You "Me Time"

Even if you're madly in love with your partner, everyone needs a little alone time now and then. In a healthy relationship, both partners understand and respect the need for independence and "me time" — and won't guilt you for taking some time to yourself.


They Respect Your Personal Space

This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I'd say more often than not, someone asking your permission before a first kiss is a sweet gesture that shows they respect your personal space and aren't making assumptions about what you want.


They Make You Laugh

Having a partner you can laugh with is crucial for a happy, successful relationship, so if you're both in stitches from day one, that's a super important green flag.


You Don't Try To Impress Each Other

In any relationship, you should always be your most authentic self — after all, the whole point is to find a partner who loves and accepts you for you. If you've never felt the need to act differently in order to impress your partner, that's a sign that your relationship is headed in a positive direction.


You Don't Feel Pressured To Have Sex

Your partner should never make you feel pressured to have sex or do something you're not comfortable with. If your partner openly asks for your consent and respects your sexual boundaries, that's a very good sign that they're a worthwhile partner.


They Make An Effort With Your Family/Friends

There's nothing worse than having a partner who doesn't even try to get to know your other loved ones. Someone who makes an effort to get along with your friends and family is definitely a keeper.


You Communicate Openly

Being able to openly communicate with your partner is key to a healthy relationship. If you and your significant other are able to sit down and have a calm, rational, and honest conversation about anything, that definitely bodes well for your romantic future.


You Have Great Conversation

If conversation flows like a river with a new partner, that's a good sign for the rest of your relationship.


You Can Take A Step Back From An Argument

All couples disagree from time to time, but it's how you handle those disagreements that reveal whether your relationship has staying power. If you can calm down and take a step back from an argument before it gets heated, that means you'll be able to resolve conflict in a healthy way, which is a crucial skill.


They Make An Effort To See You

Relationships take work, and no one wants to be in a one-sided relationship with a partner who makes zero effort. If your partner is great about making time to see you, even when you're both busy, that's a super good sign.


They Take Care Of You

Whether you're sick with the flu or with a massive hangover, having a partner who takes care of you is a good indicator that they're long-term material.


They're Kind To Strangers

It's awesome if your partner is nice to you, but if they don't treat others — friends, family, or total strangers — with kindness, that's an ugly glimpse of their real character.


You're Comfortable Around Each Other

If you're able to let your guard down and be silly with your partner, that's a sign that you feel comfortable and safe in your relationship, which is what healthy relationships are all about.


They're Dependable

The best relationships are those where you feel like you can totally depend on your partner during life's tough moments. If your new S.O. shows that they're dependable right away, consider that a large, waving, green flag.


And The Greenest Flag Of All...

Taco Bell delivery: that is true love.

In any new relationship, you should always keep your eyes open for potential red flags, but don't forget to look for all the good things your partner has to offer, too. Everyone has different wants and needs in a relationship, and if you manage to find a partner that you're compatible with and get along with, that's really all that matters.