17 Fitness Gifts For Exercise Lovers To Keep Them Motivated All Year

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I’ve been an athlete for most of my life, but I’ve never been one of those ultra-sporty people who spends four hours in the gym every day, drinks kale smoothies, and owns 10 pairs of sneakers. But if you happen to know someone like that, these fitness gift ideas for exercise lovers are exactly what you need to keep them happy come the holidays.

Being sporty has always kind of been my thing. I was a multi-sport athlete growing up, and my job as a swim instructor helps keep me active, but I have never been one of those people who gets excited to spend hours in the gym. Over the last couple of years, though, that’s exactly the type of person my younger sister has become. She gets up at 5 a.m. some mornings so she can get a sweat sesh in before work — even if I think the number of gym selfies she posts is a bit excessive, I'm still pretty proud of her.

Her newfound love of all things exercise has also made her super easy to buy for the last couple of holiday seasons. She is always happy to add things to her workout arsenal, and surely, so will your sporty loved ones. Here are the perfect gifts for sports and fitness lovers in your life.

1. Over-Ear Sport Headphones

These soft, washable over-ear headphones are a great pick for the gym rat in your life who loves jamming out to ABBA while doing their strength training circuit.

2. Fitbit Versa

Y'all, the Fitbit Versa 2 knocks it out of the park when it comes to a great health and wellness gift. It's got your step tracking, your sleep monitoring, and a whole slew of other functions in a sleek smartwatch. This is a great gift for a friend who's yet to take the dive into the world of smartwatch, but knows that their phone's pedometer is not the best way to measure their miles.

3. A Personal Blender

The Oster is a great personal blender, as it makes enough for a single bottle at a time. Plus, the blender tube is also a portable sports bottle that you can blend and then take with you. Smoothie magic!

4. A Vibrating Foam Roller

If you want to get your friend a foam roller, but don't want to give them just a... roll of foam, consider this vibrating foam roller, which has different settings depending on which muscle group the user wants to work. Now that's relaxation.

5. A Water Bottle For The Ages

Not a lot of room in your gym bag? Once this bottle is empty, it squishes down to a mere two inches tall!

6. Earbuds

For runners, you can't beat a pair of wireless earbuds for keeping your tunes on the go. Jaybird consistently has the top in-ear headphones for runners, and it doesn't hurt that this model is often on sale.

7. A Serviceable Gym Bag

No matter what your workout game is — yoga, weight-lifting, running, spinning — this bag can fit it all. It's a great size to carry a mat, towel, extra clothes, and everything else you need to take to the gym with you. Plus, it has a designated compartment for your stinky, sweaty shoes.

8. Yoga Blocks

Even the most experienced yogis know that everyone could do with a little extra support (especially when you're dangling in half-moon pose). These cork yoga blocks are soft on sore joints and earth friendly to boot.

9. A Hydration-Tracking Smartwatch

For a smartwatch with a slim profile on your wrist, look no further than Samsung's Galaxy Fit. It tracks your steps, sleep, and your caffeine and water intake.

10. Fitness Dice

Workouts can get a bit... boring after a while. This set of fitness dice will help keep things interesting, and push gym-goers out of the routine every once in a while.

11. Vintage Swim Print

I'm a swimmer, so this vintage-inspired French swimming poster cracks me up. It won't help your friend's stroke technique, but it will help them smile after a long day at the pool.

12. Resistance Band Set

My mom is a physical therapist, and she swears by resistance bands, even for the most casual of exercisers. This set comes with a door anchor for easy use, as well.

12. Running Armband

For people who like to bring their music on the go, a running armband is a necessary part of your gym bag. This one isn't too pricey, but will fit your phone plus keys, credit cards, and a little cash.

13. BlenderBottle

If your fitness obsessed friend makes a lot protein shakes or smoothies or even pancakes, this BlenderBottle is perfect. The blender ball inside insures that whatever they're making is mixed up just right.

14. The Encyclopedia Of Healing Foods

Giving your body enough time to heal and recover is another important part of exercising. This book lists a bunch of natural food remedies for everything from the common cold to insomnia.

15. Yoga Cookie Cutters

Add some "yummm" to your "ommmm" with these adorable yoga-inspired cookie cutters. This set includes five cutters each with a recognizable yoga pose like downward dog or warrior.

16. Warm As Heck Leggings

I can pretty much guarantee you that everyone on your list could use a new pair of leggings. These moisture-wicking, compression leggings are a great pick for your friend who insists on doing the Turkey Trot each year.

17. An Exercise Mat For Every Occasion

Even if your bestie isn't much of a yogi, the benefits of a yoga mat are endless. Who doesn't need a clean, cushioned place to do crunches or planks, or just a spot to lie on the floor at the end of a long day? This mat comes in a zillion colors and happens to be reversible.

Buying fitness gifts doesn't have to be a marathon or a sprint. Your workout-loving BFF will be sure to appreciate whatever support you put towards their exercise habit.

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